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Okay, the weirdest thing happend yesterday at work. (Why do I always get the nuts???) The doctor was examining the pt and the pt's wife was holding up her phone. I thought she was looking at something on the phone, but thought... Read More

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    Quote from BabyLady
    I personally, wouldn't freak out over a g-rated picture...whether it ends up on the internet, ie. Facebook or not. Seriously...what can someone do with a g-rated pic?

    We get our pictures taken all the time, working with infants..I personally don't care..doesn't bother me one way or the other.

    Never heard of "photoshop"? Friend of mine (this was a friendly gag mind you) had her picture taken bending over to pic up her kid. Someone took it and worked on it to make it look like she was body slamming him or something.

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    Quote from BabyLady
    You are kidding, right?

    That is not a criminal offense and you won't find a law in any law book where taking a picture of someone that doesn't want their picture taken, is against the law.

    Now, you may have a CIVIL case...but unless you are a celebrity, it is more of a request, than something you can actually take action on.

    BabyLady.........he was talking about the taking of the phone itself that is a criminal offense

    Forcefully taking someone's cell phone or camera, however, can get one in big trouble criminally. Horseshoe

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    Interesting article about conflicts between hospital personnel and patients over photography during childbirth.


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