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I am a new grad. This is my last week on orientation.. Well today was horrible! Nothing went right! I was crazy busy.. I couldn't find any of my charts because they tend to "float around." Meaning... Read More

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    I once had a doc pitch a little fit about not having a certain supply in the ER. Consulting docs are always coming into our ER and just "grabbing" any ER nurse that happens to be running around tending to her/his own business. They tend to think that we should stop all of our silly ER stuff and fetch stuff for them....
    He threw himself a little tantrum.
    Ok, I admit, I am a smartass. It works for me.

    I said... "Aww, you're really upset aren't you? Bless your heart. Why don't you just hold tight for a second and I'll page the supervisor to go to surgery to get what you need. OK?" (I was speaking in a tone that you would a 5 year old)

    He sputtered and stammered a minute then he sat down and waited.

    Turn the tables on them.

    Condescension can go both ways.

    I admit, not the most professional way to deal with it but I am sure they have had nurses try to deal with them professionally and it obviously didn't work.
    This way, I walk off with a big ole grin on my face.:spin:
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    wow.... sorry about the crazy capitals in the last post. i have no idea where they came from!
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    Quote from LeahJet
    wow.... sorry about the crazy capitals in the last post. i have no idea where they came from!
    There! All fixed
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    Leah, you're lucky that approach didn't backfire. I wouldn't recommend it.

    That kind of stuff I can blow off rather easily, if they are complaining about something I let the rant go on and then address their concerns without acknowledging their behavior, usually I can get them to quit whining and complaining and get to the bottom of what they are saying, which is somehow I've messed up or the people around me have messed up. Most rants don't just spontaneously occur for the sake of having a God complex, it's because they are angry....expressing it inappropriately for sure.

    Fortunately, as I said above, I've never heard a doctor scream.
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    The other day one of my instructors recommended the following CEU: Talking With The Docs: Effective participant-Physician Communication

    It's not free, but for first year nurses who need CEU's for their license it might be worth getting.
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    I hope you told this doctor to shut his pie hole- Never let anyone treat you this way.
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    Quote from BurnerMom
    I gave a little post-op girl Zofran last week for nausea. She'd never had it before, and shortly after getting it, developed hives. As I was turning to call the doc, he walked in and started screaming at me (in front of the girl's parents) about what I gave. I calmly told him, and asked for an order for Benedryl. He started screaming and asked me what, exactly, was IN Zofran. I told him (as politely as possible) that I knew the drug category and it's intended use, but wasn't clear on the chemical makeup...so he started screaming, "Well, what are yous tanding there for? Go get the Benedryl and why in the hell are you giving patients meds when you don't know what they are?" (Still all in front of the family!!!) So...I went in the med room, gathered my senses about me and brushed it off.

    I would have asked the Dr. "Why are you asking me what's in it? Don't you know?" And wasn't he the one that prescribed it?
    Thats a good answer to that siutation.
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    Why shouldn't the doctor be upset? I mean, you actually dared to come to work without bringing your magic wand, pixie dust and your ESP ability that should have mysteriously appeared as soon as you passed the NCLEX!

    I'm kidding sweetie!...you showed more class than I probably would have. I have a tendency to not keep my mouth shut.

    Job well done...DESPITE what the %#$@& said!
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    Quote from clee1
    Really simple.... don't put up with this type of unprofessional behavior.

    I would have, very calmly and coolly, in front of the same group of people:
    a) said "Doctor, moderate your tone. This is a hospital, not a football stadium."
    b) said "I have no control over the xray department and cannot stop them from taking a patient down for a test that you (presumably) ordered."
    c) state "I did not talk to you 30 minutes ago, and am not responsible for what you were told. Furthermore, I am not responsible for your commute times."
    d) and finally I'd say: "Doctor, I work for this facility; not you. Scheduling your time is your problem; not mine. Don't you dare ever speak to me in such a manner ever again. If you'd like to continue this conversation, we will do it in the DON's or Administrator's office.

    I'd then turn my back to him and walk away.

    People only have the power over you that you choose to give them.

    Clee's response would be appropriate, right?

    I don't understand the reasoning that doctors have that it is permissible to address to collegues unprofessionally. Wouldn't it be against policy for employees to interact with each other this way? Also, if a nurse phones a doctor to inquire about a patient, and the doctor starts yelling because he was called and flies off the handle, why not hang up on him (after giving a warning to calm down). They aren't discussing the patient anyway.

    This is a question I have had for awhile, and with the OP's experience and posting this, it seems like a good time to ask! lol
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    So...I went in the med room, gathered my senses about me and brushed it off.

    Why do nurses do this? Why did you not write him up? Why did you not tell him not to speak to you this way? You just brushed it off? Why? As a nurse I don't understand why other nurses allow themselves to be treated like dirt, then turn right around and treat other nurses like dirt. I don't get it, and I never will. It's time to get some back bone-

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