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I have looked all over this site and can't find any advise. Some support and advise would be appreciated. My boss is forcing me to an inconvenient shift to try to force me to quit even though I am one of the more senior... Read More

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    WOW!! Im so sorry this is happening to you. It seems the nurses who really care are the ones who get punished. Refuse to stay quiet and fight for patient's rights. Nursing is hard in so many different ways that unless you are a nurse yourself then no one else really understands. I believe you sincerely care because you refuse to just give up and walk away. Walking away seems like saying ok you are right. BS! DON's can make nurses lives hell. Do what feels right in your heart and good luck!!

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    It is really nice to hear that you are strong enough and fight for your rights and a safer situation for the residents. I would call and report them to the state anonymously asap.
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    I agree, stand up for the residents and do what is right but also look out for yourself--whether you walk or not. Walking doesn't mean you can't contact the state like the poster above says and let them know what's going on at this place. I'm very sorry to hear what you're going through too but you're not the only one. Things can get very nasty when you bring concerns to management.

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