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I have looked all over this site and can't find any advise. Some support and advise would be appreciated. My boss is forcing me to an inconvenient shift to try to force me to quit even though I am one of the more senior... Read More

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    OOoohh! She's good!
    I agree with your assessment of the situation. I think you have planned an excellent counter strategy .
    Yes, by all means have an HR rep ,as well as a colleague at that meeting. That should take some bite out of the b**ch.

    The conditions are unsafe. You know this, she knows this...and SHE knows YOU know this. That is the problem.

    REPORT this to the state nursing home regulatory board! It will remain anonymous, they will get citated and you know you tried!
    Good luck. Keep us posted.

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    Im actually considering letting her be a B**ch, with just me in the room but have a tape recorder running on my phone. When she says she didn't say that, I have proof she did. I know she will not remain professional.
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    Find a place that has a union for your next job. The idea of working at a LTC without one frightens me. WAY too many petty vendettas and vindictiveness in this field to be without a union backing you up. Good luck!
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    As well prepared you are.. tape recording brings up privacy and legal issues that should not be brought into play here.
    Now we are talking lawyering up . ...BEFORE the show down.
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    Meeting over accept days or be terminated.

    She basicly accused me of being unsafe to leave me in charge of the building. She threatened to take my nursing license. She called me liar and and said my time study was an absolute lie because she reviewed the survailance tapes. She accused me of trying to miss lead her with it.

    She is the one lying and I will prove it. That time study was dead on and I had the CNA with me fill out one just like it with what alarms and call lites were going off. I know exactly what night the time study was done and someone would have been going to the room I indicated when the alarm/lite went off. I think she watched the wrong nights tape or is lying.

    They told me there was a night when no one, not CNA or nurse was spotted on the survailance system for over 3 hours. I know that is impossible. I asked if that was a night I was working and I got a not sure.

    She sent me a certified letter that I never got addressing her concerns. I only got a card in the mail that there was a certified letter at the post office. I figured it had to do with my knee injury and have not picked it up yet. Actually now I wont to make sure it gets sent back undelivered. When she didn't get a response from that she felt justified in what she is doing. I dont need a lecture about my fault for not picking up the letter and knowing about her accusations earlier. I can kick myself in the arse all day long w/o help.

    She also accused me of not being a team member for not going to a manditory meeting. A meeting posted on Mon and held on Thurs. when I was off work until Fri. noc.

    I am going to ask the boss for copies of the survailance system for the nights in question. I am going to talk to an attorney. Its flat out lies and harassment/hostile work environment. The tapes will show I am not lying. Just because she is the DON does not mean she is right and can do anything she wants. I will fight this and they will have to give me unemployement to get rid of me. I also will report them to the state board that oversees nursing homes. I am not the one causing these unsafe conditions and I have been doing all I can to keep residents off the floor. I am sick of residents being on the floor and doing 5 page incident reports and neuro checks. It eats up close to an hour of my time plus all the other things that go along with falls like data sheets and monitoring for 3 days, calling the POA to tell them dad fell again.

    With what she is accusing me off, I will never get a job anywhere. It's all lies and i am being railroaded.

    Im off to look up employment attorneys.
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    Why waste your time with employment attorneys when you know this is going to be a contentious work situation? As long as that DON is in, you will be the target of fury and disapproval no matter what you do. Start collecting the names of co-workers and your peer nurses for references and find a bigger and better opportunity for yourself.
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    Quit now and don't let this go any further, it will only end badly for you (either with license issues or being unofficially black-listed all over your area). As I said the firs time, I'd bet you $100 that unofficial company policy is to get rid of nurses before the 3 year mark so as not to have to pay retirement contributions. Cut your losses here and resign...
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    Wow, just effing wow.
    And .. I am really sorry this is happening to you. I am wondering what the knee injury has to do with this mess? Did you file for any thing regarding that injury?

    I would stop any further interaction without an attorney.

    Please consider my previous thoughts on reporting these unsafe conditions to the state.
    I have a friend that works in that capacity... the state will jump on it like flies on sh*t.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Ms. (new) DON will find that what goes around , comes around. Hopefully, Karma will knock her butt down soon.
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    I filled out an employee incident. What happened is a resident fell on me when I answered the alarm and my knee twisted some and hurt a little that night. I filled out the form in case it really hurt the next day because it has to be done in 24 hours. Next day my knee was fine and when I got workmens comp forms I called workmans comp and told them I didn't have a claim because no doctor was seen and no work was missed. Told workmans comp they can close it.

    I am going to fight this. I will not stop until the residents are safe. She admitted herself in writing that I brought staffing concerns to her. This is retaliation by her and she has decided to go after me. Im not going to just walk and only care about myself. I will not stop until I prove her lies. She is flat out lying and the video will prove it. I should not have to endure this hostility being called a liar and incompetent. She will be the one escorted out, not me when the lying in brought to the surface.

    Yes it is a headache and walking is easier. Walking just doesnt fell right.
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    I feel like reading a suspense novel.

    Keep us updated. Part of me would want to just quit. But I admire you for standing your ground. Just be careful of how you go about everything. Don`t make it personal, don't go to her level.

    Good luck
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