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So, I have been an RN for little more than 9 months. I remember the talks in nursing school from our professors regarding expectations of doctors yelling at us, cussing us out once we became an RN..I always thought 'I dont... Read More

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    This needs to go to administration to straighten out. It is not your fault nor your issue if the Docs can't get it together as to who you are to call when. And if who you are supposed to call tells you to call the other doctor, then I would defer to charge to take it from there.

    And be sure that when the doctors round, any and all questions that you may have (ie: meds for a seizure in a withdrawing patient) are discussed, and documented accordingly, especially if there are "no new orders".

    Sounds like a hot mess. And not sure in any other acute care setting it is much different.

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