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a doctor whom i work with is a female and she is really nice, but i know for a fact that her husband is a major alcoholic (literally drinks every waking minute) and he also smokes weed. she smokes a few cigarettes a day, but as... Read More

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    Closing the thread.

    Sounds like you are intereacting with this person on two different levels.
    a. Professional
    b. Friendship which grew out of professional role.

    As long as her professional role is not being compromised, what goes on at home is of no consequence--- 100% agreement here with bb members.

    Just because she has bent your ear with personal details does not make for true friendship unless you are socializing together after work hours.
    Let her vent if you desire but just remember you may still have to work with her in a prefessional relationship after the "friendship" is over.

    VERY hard to keep your boundaries here. Many nurses have been burned when they try do be both.

    Best advice. Do Nothing unless directly asked to comment.
    Might be wiser to cool relationship totally.

    Closing thread now.

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