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I work with some people who don't respect me, or don't like me, or I'm not even sure. They are all less educated than I am but treat me like I'm an idiot. I always try as hard as I can, I work hard, I do my work as best I can and... Read More

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    I agree with this response. If you are a manager. Go home of Friday after work, write down the expections and job description of each employee. When you come in on Monday, walk by and said a polite Hello Ladies and Gentlemen if men are involved. Whether they speak it not important. You have done your part to initate a greeting. Set up a meeting with each employee, do not bring up the past, let them know what is expected, listen for feedback and respond accordingly to what their job description states. Make a list of supplies, go around the department and find those supplies. Make yourself stay busy and smile, sing as you go. Keep in mind it is a job, not your life. Do a good job if that is your nature, but also learn to say no. Take some professional growth classes and always keep your eye looking out for new opportunities. This life is too short to be miserable on a job.
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    Unfortunately, the nursing profession is very much like middle school. I've been in it for almost 10 yrs, and I just haven't figured out exactly why we are so compassionate and tolerant of our patients, yet (occasionally) so mean to each other. Believe me, I understand. I completely understand why you alluded to your education, because in many circles that should be something that earns you some respect, or at least a seat at the table of (attempted) mutual understanding.

    A few of the lessons I have learned:

    1) smile a lot, don't talk about others even if others gossip to you
    2) do not reveal information about your private life (well things that could be controversial like your husband was an abuser or your son is failing kindergarten or your political and/or religious beliefs UNLESS they are shared by most on your unit)
    3) as you can see, emphasizing your intellect, knowledge, or experience in other areas is not well received by many (some will relate to you more but that's another subject)
    4) try to communicate using brief, simple statements that are NOT defensive or critical or intellectually condescending
    5) when you make a small error, DONOT attract attention to yourself by being either overly peninent (" I can't believe I did that, OMG, what am I doing?", or overly defensive "everybody does that.... it was really --------'s fault"). Just smile and MOVE ON.
    6) Staff people love nurses who cook and/or bake once and a while for the whole unit. Yes, it's a lot of work, and yes, you are very busy with everything else in your life, but if you are genuinely happy and maternal when you bring stuff in.... that can go a long way in the damage control dept.
    7) Accept that nursing, like every other experience in life, is simply not fair. Some people, who are the same everything as you (smart, generous, well humored, clinically proficient etc) will be more well liked and respected, and some will be less so. Why? Who knows.

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