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  1. she244

    Knaves, Fools, and the Pitfalls of Micromanagement

    Spot on! What amazes me is the people who are auditing me at my place of employment do not know the job I perform or even how to perform some of my duties. Yet in my review I get to set there and listen to them say either yes! I perform my job well or a problem has been noted. Like most organizations, the administrator is a non medical person who makes charts and walks around watching people and then will decide to make a change without even talking with the people who perform the jobs. Will be so glad when I can retire which hopefully will be soon.
  2. she244

    Thanksgiving 2016 from AN

    A little late but Hoping Everyone had a Wonderful, Blessed Thanksgiving may memories and having fellowship with family and friends. Love all the post on here and reading the different opinions and experiences all of the Nurses have. Now on to Christmas and New Year!
  3. she244

    Emergency Nurses Week 2016

    Worked in the Emergency Room for 11 years. ER Nurses are the best. Like most nurses we worked a lot without breaks, handling each emergency as it came in with patience, praying at times for God's help as we are trying to save someone. Crying together when we were not able to save a 5 month old baby that the sitter had drugged with Benadryl, propping a bottle up and the child aspirated and could not be saved. Then the Grace from God helped us as that sitter came to the ER hours later for chest pains. Paramedics and Emergency Room Nurses perform miracles all the time. I Salute and have to day I am proud to have been one of them at one time. Best Wishes to all the Emergency Room Nurses and May You all be shown the Gratitude you Deserve for what you do!
  4. she244

    Do Bachelor's Degrees Save Lives? - The Facts about Earning a BSN

    The article is misleading. Decreased patient load means less patient mortality no matter what Nursing Degree you hold. I have spoke to former Nurses and Manager whom I worked with in the ER and they agree. Higher degree does not mean a competent, organized, patient oriented Nurse with a heart for her patients. As a 60 year older Nurse who will soon be leaving the Nursing profession when I retire due to what was listed above. I do not care to be a Charge Nurse, Manager or anything but a patient care Nurse I realize as stated above I will become unemployable due only having a ADN degree. Financially most of the older Nurses are unable to afford to pay for schooling at this time in our lives. I worked in the ER with Nurses with all types of degrees. I found a few of the BSN Nurses were lazy and unwilling to learn. One actually told me she had gotten her BSN and would never clean another person's bottom again. As an ER Nurse you get anybody coming through the doors and yes we cleaned a lot of people. I have worked in Long Term Care, Emergency Room and now will retire from being a College Health Nurse. I have a vast amount of skills but will soon be not able to find a job. Just hope the Nurse that takes care of me is a caring, competent Nurse. The article is misleading.
  5. she244

    Is Nursing All About Stress?

    I work at a place where Management decides to make changes that affect my job without letting me know. Then all of a sudden when there is a problem, I am expected to clean up the mess that was created due to them not knowing what I do on my job or how I have been handling things which now has been totally turned upside down. Or all of a sudden get a call wanting to know where reports are that should have been sent a month ago, to which I had no idea they were needed due to the Physicians not informing me they were needed after they had seen the patient. Having a Physician that calls the Secretary to given her instructions to give me regarding procedures to start on a patient while he is on his way to the clinic. Yes all this can cause stress! Being responsible without knowing what is going on. That is the culture and has always been at the place I work. I called and spoke to the Nurse I replaced and she said it changed about 10 years ago. Has went downhill since then. I wish I had known would have left before I have to worry about jeopardizing my Nursing License.
  6. she244

    To the Nurse Who Held My Hand

    So glad someone touched you and helped you when you needed a kind hand to hold. We forget sometimes we also need someone to care for us occasionally. Nursing takes Education, Determination, Patience but most of all patience. So many things can be missed in a patient by being in a hurry and in todays busy clinics and hospitals everything is based on 15 or 30 minute increments. Take care and know it is okay to show that you needed help and in doing so you will be willing to extend that hand and care of your patients. Good Luck!
  7. she244

    All the Things We Carry

    I carry with me the 5 month old child with bright blue eyes, brought into the ER, who's caregiver drugged her with Benadryl then propped a bottle in her mouth where she aspirated. I was the one chosen to meet the parents as they ran into the ER and place them in a room all the while not answering their questions about their child. I have never forgotten the anguished cry they both had when told she was gone. I was the one standing beside the bed of a 88 year old woman who's husband of 63 years is looking at his wife asking me "What will I do, she is my bride "as his bride is taking her last breaths. I was the one standing beside the bed of a 5 years old girl who's father has molested her and then tried to drown her in the tub, as her mother comes running in screaming " No" "No" "No' then collapses while having a stroke. I was the one standing in the room, waiting on EMS to bring a Cardiac Arrest then realizing it was my uncle we would be doing CPR on to bring him back to life. I carry with me the 14 month old baby who's mom had thrown a boiling pot of hot water on him cause he cried. Changing his dressings and hearing him cry due the pain always turned me into a red faced crying mess. Not all of my nursing has been seeing the worst, I have had the pleasure of seeing Miracles while working in the ER, people brought back to life, moms giving birth with joy and seeing happiness as they hear that first cry of their new baby. Even on the worst days I know being a Nurse is what I am meant to be. I am blessed beyond measure to be able to help people and be part of some of the worst and best times of their lives.
  8. she244

    So, when are you going to get your RN?

    Like most on here I have a ADN degree and am went to Nursing School late in life. I like doing bedside and office nursing. I do not wantto manage other people or teach at a school. I wonder who will do the work when all they get rid of LPN's and ADN nurses. I know a lot of LPN's I would put up against a lot of BSN nurse as far as clinic skills and knowledge of patient care. I don't fault anyone wanting to further their education. It all depends on what type of nursing you want to do. Good luck to everyone!
  9. I pray every morning on my way to work that God will guide my hands and guard my mouth so that I cause no harm to my patients. I ask him to make me knowledgeable in the gift he has bestowed on my. I also let my patients lead the way. There are a few that start a conversation regarding some things that are against what is in Bible. I politely let them know although my feelings are different, I respect their right to feel their way also. I have never had anyone get mad that I know of. I have also prayed with people while their loved one has taken their last breath and yes like them I cry, hug and comfort them as best I know how. Loving my Savior, sharing with people who are requesting prayers is one great thing about my job.
  10. she244

    I Ask For "Nothing".

    Love this article. I love what I do and am paid well, but I will have to admit at times it is nice to hear a Thank you!
  11. Working in an ER is hard due to the fact that your have to take care of the child and the child molester sometimes at the same time. We had a 5 month old baby who was drugged and died due to aspiration due the caregiver propping a bottle up and leaving the child unatteneded. The caregiver delayed calling EMS when she found the child unresponsive. Later that day the child giver came in with chest pain. That was a very hard time for all of us, but the nurse who was assigned to the lady did a great job, although reserved while assessing her and doing the protocol for chest pain, we all with held our temper and comments until later and met to discuss what happened and how to and how not to respond in that situation. Nursing is hard at time because we are human. But I love Nursing and am glad even on my worse days that I am a nurse able to help people.