Can't stop fantasizing about a doctor...

  1. NOTE: This is just a fantasy. I know very well that this isn't something to be done in real life.

    Sorry. I'm in a serious need to vent. I seriously need my concentration back for an exam.

    I can't help imagining the demise of this very "AAAMAZING" doctor who practically questioned my competence. I'm not saying that I'm perfect and that I'm not open to criticisms. I know that I have a long way to go as a nurse, okay. However, if you question my ability when I just followed the order that was written then *fury*.

    And when I brought that up, the fact that he didn't tell me, the nurse responsible, that he changed his order (he didn't even write it), he said has no intention to tell me anything because he doesn't like my work. Which just annoys me more, because my work was keeping his order.

    Anyway, he doesn't want me to handle any of his patients. ( Unfortunately for the both of us, I am a nurse. I can't just stop caring. )

    Oh, how I wanted to tell him that I don't want to hear those words from him *fury* Dr. I-can't-even-write-my-orders-in-proper-format!!! Dr. You-can't-call-me-no-matter-how-urgent-the-case-is!!! Dr. I'm-the-only-one-who-can-order-anything-in-here!!!

    *grrr* I'm surprised that I'm being this mad that he's banning me from his patients. Why, I should be thankful! I always have to trouble myself getting a telephone order from him because the residents are scared to prescribe anything! I just I'm one of those vindictive persons.

    I wanted to confront him so much but since I have to many confrontations lately, I decided to shut up. Later on however, I still feel infuriated. I decided to step faraway and vent my feelings to a wall. Unfortunately, apparently, fire exits aren't sound proof and let's just say the supervisor heard me and many more.

    Oh, this is going to have blow on me. I can just feel it... and I didn't even get to confront the _______ doctor. I find it difficult to move on. I just have to imagine myself beating him up. =P

    May I ask, am I the only wanting to punch the lights out of doctor? Am I in serious need of help?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    You sound very frustrated and rightly so. Some things to consider:

    1. Can you talk to this doc and ask him for specifics as to why he doesn't like your work?

    2. If not, is there a manager or charge nurse that can act as the go-between?

    3. Is there a nursing council that you can bring your concerns to?
  4. by   jadelpn
    Write it up as an incident report. That way your butt is covered and it doesn't become a he said she said--how did he "change an order" if he didn't write it? What is written is what stands. If he spoke to another nurse and gave that nurse a telephone order, then said nurse needed to be sure that whatever needed to be done with the order went to the correct person. Otherwise it is up to your DON to figure out how to deal once you put it in writing. Stick to the facts, a jerk or not, it is the actions and not personality that needs to be addressed.

    This doctor's God complex and "sparkling personality" is not your issue. I would decline taking his patients on the principal of him changing orders and his apparent belief you all can read his mind. But this needs to come from the top--meaning that they will perhaps need to limit his ordering to him writing it himself or something--and I would always have the charge nurse review and co-sign the orders with you.

    "I don't want you taking care of my patients because I don't like your work"
    "WELP, Sunshine, I don't want to take orders from you because I don't like your work, yet here we are....."

    This man is not the wizard of oz, and can't not make the rules on who the staff is that takes care of his patients. Perhaps he could open his own private hospital and then he can dictate what he would like.

    In all seriousness, I would simply state to his rantings "you have made that abundantly clear. However, I am the nurse taking care of this patient. What is it you would like to order?" As an aside, you may have to repeat as necessary to make the point clear. Make sure you have the support of your administrative team to do so.
  5. by   jadelpn
    As a complete aside....
    I was sooooo not expecting your OP when I started to need a spoiler alert.......LOLOLOLOLOL
  6. by   anotherone
    i clicked on this thread expecting a completely different fantasy !!!!
  7. by   hazyblue
    I remember asking him "why" but our conversation just ended up mostly with "I don't like your work." Though, I think I have an idea that it also involved past events. I think he remembers me as the nurse who phones him. He hates being phoned. And, there was this time that I did a wound dressing on this patient. I could feel that he didn't like how I cleaned the proximal area near the post-operative wound because on my next duty, it was endorsed that only this certain appointed nurse could do dressing for his patient. I never confronted him about that event though because I wasn't really assertive before. Great, that reminded me of how I wanted to shove it to his face my previous experiences in Medical-Surgical and Operating Room. *grrr*

    As for a go-between, well, apparently he's the doctor that gets what he wants because he's such a great obstetrician >_> My charge nurse that shift just took care of his patient in my stead.

    As for the nursing council, I don't think we will reach that level. My head nurse has altered my schedule to make sure I have at least one seasoned nurse to "separate" us. Also, there is the thing that nurses here are kind of treated as the mere doctor's maids.
  8. by   hazyblue
    @ jadelpn

    Yes. Condescending attitude aside. Bypassing the nurses is bad and risky. I mean what's the point of having a health care team.

    I was really upset at the first hour post "Don't touch my patients." but then I realize he's not the boss of me. He leads the treatment but he's not the boss. Nowadays, the patients are the boss. Fortunately....Unfortunately... the customer is always right. (but that's another "sad" topic)

    Late Entry: Regarding the "fantasy"
    LOL. Most of the doctors I worked with are not "fantasy" material for me. And sometimes, it's too busy to take a break, let alone fantasize
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  9. by   HouTx
    OK - to my mind, this comes under the 'disruptive physician' category... and ALL JC accredited hospitals have to have policies and procedures in place for them. Have you taken a look at that policy yet?

    OB has the highest risk for litigation in most areas of the country. There is a TON of evidence that the most effective way to reduce liability for everyone is to ensure the effectiveness of nurse-physician communication. A***hat physicians that put up barriers to communication with nursing staff are risking their patients' safety and their own professional reputation. That's fact, not opinion. I just wonder why their are so many OB docs with this problem.. and it doesn't seem to be gender specific either (shaking head).