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    Oh, you can often get more relaxed as the shift wears on. But one of the idiosyncrasies of nursing is that within moments of meeting our patients for the first time ever, we are pretty much strippin' 'em nekkid and touching them all over, and pressing a possibly cold stethoscope on previously warm and cozy torsos. "Hi, I'm Piglet! (yank)". And the thing is, as a nurse you're busy and running on adrenaline, and there's your patient, maybe almost asleep. I learned a lot when I first precepted a nurse, and I was able to step back and watch the care, and talk with the patient afterward. I thought the nurse was personable, and maybe a LITTLE rushed but not terribly so. The patient's perception was that she came in, said "I'm gonna give you this shot in your belly" and yanked the covers off and it was done before he had a chance to answer.
    So I've made more of an effort to be slow and maybe a little formal at first, at least, in case later I come off rushed. At least I've made a good first impression.

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    Remember that it's not all about you

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