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Sometimes nursing drains the living daylights out of me. However, I love what I do. It is never a dull moment. However, lately I've had some pretty awkward moments and thought I'd share. Feel free to add yours! -That awkward... Read More

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    That awkward moment when a family member comes in and I ask, "oh are you his daughter?" Thinking that it was because she had called earlier saying she was coming in and looked very young and she replies, "no I'm his wife..." Oops! Lesson learned. Always ask how they are related to the pt.

    Or that other awkward moment when the pts wife comes to visit and the pts girlfriend shows up to visit as well. They had no previous knowledge of each other...
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    Quote from GadgitGurlRN
    That has got too be the best one!
    You have no idea how embarrassed and mortified I was! OMG! I felt terrible. Luckily my sharp as a tack (as I later found out, as was her momma!) little lady quickly forgave my faux pau and she and I became fast friends. Her mom was a wonderful lady and got a great belly laugh after she was told the story of Nurse Pixie and her foot in the mouth statement.

    But can you imagine the eye rolls when my 89 year old patients daughter (who was 73) came in saying she wanted to visit her Grandmother?! too funny. We had to leave word to the receptionist that Mrs Jones* (103), Mrs Smith** (89) were indeed Mrs Brown **(73) grandmother and mother and that both were residents at the facility and that Mrs Brown was NOT one of our dementia patients who was lost.

    I miss them. It was great seeing so many generations all in one room when the grandchilren and great grandchildren all came to visit! They were a very close knit, loving family run by the matriarch of the family (Mrs Jones 103). Rest Easy Mrs Jones, Smith and Brown.
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    That awkward moment when you are talking to a woman sitting on his bed and holding his hand, and then his wife calls!
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    That moment when your phone rings in the bathroom, and you answer it, the room echoes, do you flush, or not?
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    I am a pres nursing student who begins nursing school next January. I like to read through all the forums to get a general feel for what is going on and for a dose of reality I'm not sure I will get in school. What has become apparent to me is that a sense of humor is essential. That you can take your job very seriously and still be able to laugh at yourself and some of the situations you find yourself in. All of your responses have made me laugh-and cringe at the same time. I look forward to when I can contribute to this forum!
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    A couple of these really made me giggle. A couple not so much.
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    -That awkward moment when you encourage your 325 lb patient to loose weight and they say" I had gastric bypass surgery a year ago and lost 100 lbs".... For now on, I never assume.
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    That awkward moment when you peak in a coworker's patient room to see the penile implant acting as a tent pole and the spouse on the cot with breast implants pointing at the ceiling and one wakes to your giggle.
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    When your confused elserly patient thinks you're a prostitute and wheels himself around asking other residents to borrow money. And them a week later apologizes so sincerely that he's just going to have to end our affair because he's committed to fixing his 30yr marriage. He looked so sad but I agreed breaking it off was probably for the best. !!
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    that awkward moment when you're so used to knocking on doors on patient's room, you tend to knock even when going out. (leaves the room with the patient and relatives puzzled)
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