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I love my brother. I really do. Through my talks with my brother about his many hospitalizations, I have come to the conclusion that he is the Worst Patient Ever, heretofore known as a WPE or a... Read More

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    My dad is the type who will either A) ask for advice from his nurse daughter and then proceed to not take it because "I know my body". Or B) I will venture up some helpful advice and he'll just roll his eyes. The only time he actually took my advice is when he caually mentioned his one calf really hurt and was kinda puffy and it hurt when he walked and was kinda reddish around the back of his knee. I told him (probably with a hint of alarm in my voice) that he seemed to be describing the signs of a blood clot (my dad is a courier and is driving for a good 10-12 hours a day). So he calls me about 20 minutes later saying he's in the waiting room of the ER...*wait for it*...because he called the nurse advice line and asked A DIFFERENT NURSE her opinion!! Thankfully she said "you'd better listen to your daughter". Turns out he did NOT have a clot, thank you God.

    My husband can be stubbron: "Man I have a headache"
    "Would you like the hot pack/Ice pack"?
    "Ah...maybe later"
    An hour passes, he's been staring at the computer: *phfffffff...* rubbing neck "still have that headache"
    "Did you try the hot/cold? A Tylenol, perhaps?"

    I TRY not to be difficult. I know after I had my daughter I got a weird reputation because I never wanted my door closed. I also refused to take any percocet. I try to separate "Nurse" from "Mommy" when dealing with my kids and their pediatrician. I try not to talk the talk when I'm calling the triage nurse or talking to the doc "well, she's got expiratory wheezes in all lung fields and she's pretty diminished, but she's afebrile". That just makes me look like I'm trying to be all cool and stuff........and I'm not. I'm so not cool. I'm not "sick"....yes I am. I am sick.
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    My grandmother n law was a pt on the unit I worked on. Thankfully, I happened to be off on maternity leave. She was horrid, demanding, demeaning,... the fluff my pillow bend my straw type.

    I was a CNA at the time and if a pt was really really bad we would take 2-3 pts from a fellow CNA if they would take just that one horrible one. Well, I found out that her entire stay on the rehab unit (which back then was pretty long) was one long time of being traded. The staff who worked with her only had about 2-3 pts once they accepted her and gave theirs away. They told me she ran them all night long and stated she could care less about any of the other pts.

    My coworkers asked if she lived in a huge mansion with maids and butlers. Nope, just high maintenance. I'm so glad I was off. I definately would have traded and took any number of pts to not have her.
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    When I had surgery last year...I was the best patient ever, Brought donuts 3 dozen for the OR staff- never have I met such friendly (sugar high I am sure) happy technicians...
    Had a great surgery.

    After that I started Rehab. I had had a very complicated (4 hour) hip surgery (not a replacement.) and there had only been 1-2 other people with the surgery to that Physical therapy office. After a while I suspected my PT sucked. and well he did. He Discharged me and within a week, I was injured. Sent back to PT. This time...I was SUCH a pain. The office people did not provide the right documentation to the insurance company. I ended up calling the MD office daily, even twice a day, and also the insurance company. Oddly, the insurance company was more helpful than my MD office. I refused to have PT from anyone by one PT. I have never in my life been such a PITA. I despised myself. BUT... I got better. It was a very tough road. My new PT became a really good friend (went to his wedding recently!!!) and sometimes you have to be the difficult patient.

    When I run into a particularly anxious or difficult patient these days, I usually ask them how their experiences with health care have been. They often tell me a story similar to the one above.
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    Someone asked what a wipper was. First paragraph:
    I have come to the conclusion that he is the Worst Patient Ever, heretofore known as a WPE or a "wipper."
    dirtyhippiegirl: My condolences for the loss of your mom.

    Thanks for everyone participating. The stories are funny, sad, and enlightening all at the same time.
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    When I had my last baby, I tried to be the pain in the butt patient that I see all the time, but in the end I couldnt.

    I am however a strong advocate for my children ( or grandpa when he was alive), which may make me seem like I am a pain in the butt person.

    I am sorry but you have someone in End stage lung fibrosis, who pulse ox is hovering in the low 80's and he is SOB. Oh and he had dementia to top it off. Maybe you should check to see if his o2 that was in his nose was actually attached to the wall oxygen ( yes, I turned it on 2 L and asked the nurse when she came in to make sure that was how much he was supposed to get). Or I can see what time that IV started, I can see how long it was supposed to run, I do not think asking someone to check the IV and turn off the beep is too much to ask after 2 or 3 hours after it was done. And if a patient has a CODE BROWN, maybe you want to send a CNA in to assist or offer to help shower, instead of having me ask for a ton of periwipes to get him cleaned up.
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    I am beginning to believe I am related to some of you-or at least have the same relatives
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    My mom is an RN of 40+ years, but she has been in admin/consulting/risk management for around 20. Before I went to nursing school my husband had to have abdominal surgery. Mom came for support and gave the nurses a run for their money. Hubby spiked a mild fever after surgery (duh) and Mom was just bonkers about it. I guess she forgot about inflammation...she was convinced it was an infection and was very vocal about it. Kept throwing the RN card. The surgeon, God bless him, finally sat her down and reminded her of some Med/Surg basics she had forgotten since he bedside years.

    The same surgeon removed my gallbladder a few years later, and he remembered her My procedure was outpatient, so I went home and crashed to sleep off the anesthesia (it affects me horribly...I am not myself for days after). Within hours of being home she was all over me to get OOB. The nausea was awful, even with meds for it, and I kept telling her to leave me alone. She drug me into a sitting position to try and force feed me, and before the food even made it to the room I vomited on her. I could not stand without vomiting violently. She finally called the surgeon's office to complain to him that I had not gotten OOB yet. He sweetly told her to leave me alone. Love him.

    I would classify her as a family member from hades. She has been remarkably healthy, but God help us all when her own health fails.
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    I call them PITA chips

    My mother in law is not quite so bad, but the family is nightmarish. They watched each and every healthcare provider like a hawk and were quick to jump to "This room is terrible! Look at the view!" (largest room on the floor but overlooks air handling systems) and "That nurse only came in once since 7AM!" (at 8:30AM).
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    Sounds very familiar!! lol!

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