Are men respected by Doctors and colleagues in this field. Are men respected by Doctors and colleagues in this field. | allnurses

Are men respected by Doctors and colleagues in this field.

  1. 1 Do female nurses respect male nurses...honesty, please?
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    If they deserve it!
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    Why do you think they wouldn't be? Male nurses are no different then female nurses. They are just a different gender.If you earn the respect of your colleagues you will be respected, regardless of gender.I work with a few male nurses and they are treated every bit the same as the female nurses. There is one I have little use for but it's because he is lazy with a poor atittude, not because he is a male.The other ones are awesome.
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    In my experience, I've found that some people don't pay any attention to gender, while others focus only on that one aspect. You'll run into men and women both who will see you as whatever stereotype they've been programmed to see you as.

    I've worked in places where I was seen as merely the "heavy lifter" or an over qualified "orderly." I've also worked in places with women M.D.s where I was mistaken by the patients as the doctor simply because I was a man. I've also worked with male M.D.s who treated me with a little more respect than my female colleagues. It is all really dependent upon whom you encounter and what their own views are.

    At the end of the day just focus on earning respect from people rather than males or females
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    I've never had a problem.

    Of course, I'm exceptionally bright, unfailingly helpful, a pleasure to work with, a lot of fun to be around, and smokin' hot, so YMMV.

    seriously, though, I've not had issues with respect from fellow nurses or from MD's, RT's, etc. In my experience, a lot of how people relate to you has to do with how you relate to them.
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    I respect ANYone who does their job honestly. (Male/female/Nurse/non Nurse...) just do your best and you have my respect.
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    while we all know the pc mechanism of how respect works, it has been my experience that men overall, receive more respect just by virtue of their gender.
    i'm talking about respect from dr's and other higher ups.

    now, maybe it's because men 'tend' to be more assertive, less wishy washy and therefore, command it...
    whereas women 'tend' to be the opposite.
    yet if a woman does assert herself, she's labeled a b****.
    double standards still exist.
    before tempers flare, i'm speaking generally...not every man, not every woman...generally speaking.

    my experience, my observations.

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    Respect is given when respect is earned. Gender matters not.
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    Quote from canesdukegirl
    Respect is given when respect is earned. Gender matters not.
    Ok Yoda

    Respect is earned, not given.
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    I asked my dad about this because he began nursing back when it was rare for males to be nurses (early 1980s). He said he was never treated any differently by nurses or doctors and that all had the same respect for him as they did for other nurses. I think as long as you do your job competently and treat others with respect that's what you're going to get back, regardless of gender.
    As for students, its sometimes beneficial to be a male trying to get into nursing school because some schools consider you a minority and will treat you as such during the application process - they base the minority status on the percentage of nurses that are male.
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    A doc I work with who's usually hateful to the female nurses isn't to the male nurses -- he knows that the guys would punch his lights out. So, yes, the testosterone may help in that regard.

    I don't care. If you're good, I don't care about your hormones.
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    This is the first question you have?

    Are you thinking about nursing school, in nursing school, a nurse, a doctor, ???

    Respect is earned- gender is irrelevant.
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    maybe i misread op's question...
    because we all know respect is earned, and that gender is irrelevant.
    but i thought s/he was asking if male nurses are more respected...
    not that it's right if they are, but is it true?
    do you notice any more tolerance/acceptance/favoritism towards the male nurses you work with?

    op, please correct me if i'm wrong.

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