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Hey everyone. I would just like to know if it is ok to work as a nurse as an african american and do many do it? Are there any drawbacks to this or will everything be alright? I thank you for all... Read More

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    Quote from LACA
    Seriously??? This question is ridiculous and unnecessary. Your ethnicity has nothing to do with your ability to be a nurse. Sounds like someone is trying to start some drama or an argument about race.
    Amen. Us African American people can do just as much as the next person. Why does the color of our skin make a difference? Just like we are cops, judges, and even presidents. This is America. Not just white America. We too are people.

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    Quote from ~Transplant Nurse~
    The poor guy probably feels intimidated!!!! I know I would feel a bit intimidated if I was going into a field where 90% of the workforce African American males. Good for him if he has the determination to do something that may be frightening
    Umm, really??.......
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    There always going to be ignorant people who assumes things. I say if it is your dream then follow it and dont let anyone stop you!
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    I blame the U S Census Bureau for this junk. In the 1960's I think it was, they started asking about ethnicity, and ever since we've been stuck with all these HYPHENATED AMERICANS!
    I'm a Male-Nurse-Senior-Vertically Gifted-Obese-Bipedal-Disabled-Liberal-Comically Gifted-Hazel Eyed-European-American, so I guess all that makes some sense to some statistician with inch thick horn rimmed glasses, but to me it's all a way to create divisiveness.
    I was born in America. I am an American. Everything else is just fluff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All Americans are equal. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    One of the first nurses I worked with as a new grad happened to be an African-American male nurse, but the reality is that ALL those labels were (and are, and should always be) superfluous. I just called him by his name and we helped each other out at work and he was my friend.

    I'll tell you the same thing I'd tell anyone wanting to be a nurse: it's not going to be easy, and there will be obstacles. But if this is what you want and you are willing to work hard then I say, welcome aboard. Good luck to you.
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    I find it sad that a young person feels the need to even ask this question. I thought we'd progressed further than that.
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    Ah, yes, unless you have a time machine with wich you're going back in time to:.

    1.) Germany in the 1930's/40's
    2.) The United states in any given decade prior to the 1950's
    3.) Pre 1990 South Africa, in a "white" hospital.
    et. ect...
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    I guess I just thought we were nurses- I truly didnt realize we are "caucasion" nurses, african- american" nurses, "latino nurses" etc..etc.. I just thought we were nurses... And, ya- I live in a "out in the country redneck area". I just never paid attention to skin color on a nurse, a doc, a clerk at the grocery store. If I was sick and in need of care- I dont care if you are pink and purple polka dotted- if you are a health care professional and I need you- please be there!!! God racism sucks.
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    To answer your question, Daniel Floyd: it's 100% okay to work as a nurse as an African American. Go for it.
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    Lol, its nothing the matter with african americans as nurses or even males for that matter. Like many posters have stated, its 2011, not the older days. Im 18 years old and an African American male that is going into the nursing program at my school next year. Its all about your ability and people skills.

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