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"You take the BUS to work!" - page 5

Ok. I take public transportation to work. No biggy. I have a co-worker of mine who likes to tell the staff that i don't drive and take the light rail/bus. Its not a big issue but I find his manner... Read More

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    Awww shoot! Had a good comeback for him too!
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    Quote from netglow
    Awww shoot! Had a good comeback for him too!
    Hey, go for it! I've had comebacks take that long. Heck, I'm still working on a zinger from 1985 when the Preacher said,"Do you take this woman..."
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    I take the train to work but so do a lot of people I work with. I am not sure why your co-worker is concerned with how you get to work. It's expensive to drive, I second asking how much he spends on gas and parking!

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