Watts Acceptance! :)

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    It came! It's been a long road to get to this point BUT today in the mail was that bright shiny letter....
    YOU'VE BEEN ACCEPTED! I will start with Mt Olive June 2010
    Anyone else starting then?

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    nope, but....... CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'll be starting at Mount Olive in June 2010 too!!!! Congratulations!!
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    me too june to start. i was so excited to get my letter felt like a long time waiting for the answer. do you have any info on the moc part? thanks tps12
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    From what I hear, classes at Mount Olive college run from June-November and last from 6:00-10:00 two nights a week. If you have any of the prereqs, you are able to take different classes, and possibly online classes, but you are required to take at least 18 hours through Mount Olive college. I also think the instructors come from Mount Olive to teach the classes at the Watts campus. This is all hearsay though, so hopefully I'm not misleading you! See you in June! Congratulations
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    Thanks! to you too. that is about what I knew too. all those classes in 6 months? i hope to continue to work(at durham regional) i have had most of the classes but I would just like to do the easy classes until the nursing starts.talk to you later.
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    I think you have one class at a time, but each class lasts about 3 weeks or so. It does seem like a lot though in a relatively short amount of time. I have had all of the prerequisites, but I think I want to take them again to refresh my memory!
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    yup that is a good thought. the a&p is really the only class I have not had although i went to school along time ago for the most part.
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    Hey! Could I ask what your stats were to get accepted? I mean GPA wise? Im from MI and was told by a friend to try this school out but I dont know too much about it even though I went to their website. How competitive is it exactly?

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