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Did anyone attend UNC-Chapel Hill SON program? I plan to apply to UNC-CH SON for the Summer 2011 session. If so, how was it? Is the program really competitive? Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you!... Read More

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    @DUKE or UNC. I am only applying to the BSN program. I meant that I will apply for both BSN(6 term cohorts). One deadline is in August and one is in December. But of course if I get accepted into Jan. I won't be applying. Thanks.
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    Quote from Yogi Mel
    Anyway, I'm writing about my journey to becoming a nurse on my blog.
    Yogi Mel, if you still check this site, I'd love to read your blog from nursing school! I just got in to UNC and will be starting January 2014 and would love to read about someone's experience! Thanks