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Did anyone attend UNC-Chapel Hill SON program? I plan to apply to UNC-CH SON for the Summer 2011 session. If so, how was it? Is the program really competitive? Any information is greatly... Read More

  1. by   Duke or UNC
    unc hopeful,
    Have you heard anything from UNC? Hopefully you got in; if not, though, I would highly recommend re-applying - after speaking with the Director of Admissions about what you can do to improve your application first. It took me two times to get admitted to Duke. (I applied there first, while I was still taking pre-requisites, since they allowed you to do that.)

    I do have volunteer experience, although it's a bit sporadic, and none having to do with health care. I did complete all of my prerequisites prior to applying, although this fall I re-took two classes. I did this in case I didn't get admitted to UNC (or Duke) for January, since for May admission, UNC requires that all of the prerequisites be less than 10 years old.

    As for me, I've made my decision - I'll be attending UNC starting in January! It's closer for me (I live in Chapel Hill) and much less expensive, and I didn't want to graduate with a huge debt. UNC's School of Nursing was ranked #5 in the US News & World Report peer-reviewed rankings (and Duke was #15 - with a bullet, I suspect, since they've only had the ABSN program for about 9 years (?))

    Have you considered applying to Duke as well? They have a great program, staff, faculty, and facilities, and if you can get a scholarship/grant, it could be competitive financially with UNC.

    Let me know where you are in the process.
  2. by   unc hopeful
    Hey Duke or UNC
    I have not heard anything back from UNC school of nursing. I did talk to the admissions director and she said the things that the commitee made comments on were 1)I didnt have any volunteer work and 2) my essay could use more depth and she suggested to go to a writing center. She did say that I was a strong applicant with my science GPA and cummulative GPA. But I will reapply to the summer. I know that there is still a possibilty of getting in, but at the same time I won't hold my breath. After this semester, I will have all my prerequistes completed. I think that for the summer program I will be a much stronger candidate. I have gained 70 hours of community service this semester. I also had the writing center at my school take a look at my essay. Let's just say that four drafts later, and I'm still revising it.LOL.
    Thanks for replying to my post. Congratulations on getting in and accepting the offer. If I hear anything I will post it on here.

  3. by   Duke or UNC
    UNC Hopeful,
    I also wrote at least four drafts of my essays, and had lots of friends look it over and give suggestions. What I think they most want to know is what makes you unique and what you bring to the program; who you are. Also, why you chose nursing and why now. That's impressive that you fit in 70 hours of volunteer experience while you were finishing up your prerequisites! I wish you the best in getting in next time (if not in January). Please do let me know what you hear! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  4. by   amyleadon
    I have decided that I'm going to apply to UNC's 6 term BSN as well. The deadlines are perfect for finishing up things to go on my transcripts. I am a second degree student, but my undergrad cummulative is only around 2.7. I have great healthcare volunteer references, cna certification, science gpa of around 3.9-4.0, i've got great things to say in my essay(which im going to start now even though they aren't due until Aug or Dec.) I'm just not sure which matriculation I want to apply for. Probably be best to apply to both. I'm excited. I've been going crazy here in Charlotte trying to meet every requirement for most of the community colleges. My initial plan was to get associates first, 2 years, then get a job and do rn-bsn online 2 more years. And that doesn't even factor in time it would take me in between to apply and find a job. I could do all 4-5 years in 2 years at UNC. But the community colleges seem to have such a terrible process, In my opinion. They don't look at the applicant in whole and from what everyone has been saying UNC does. All they care about is SAT scores that I took 15 years ago and TEAS and ACT. My CNA instructor has been a nurse for 40 years and she disagrees with the way a lot of schools select applicants. When she got her diploma, they had to go through interviews to really get to know their applicants. A nurse is more than whats just on paper. And i honestly believe I have a better shot of getting into UNC than some other places I am looking into. Best of luck to everyone.
  5. by   Yogi Mel
    Hi guys,

    I just realized I replied on another thread that I commented on originally, but not this one. I just started at UNC's ABSN program this January. Its fantastic and crazy- just what I hoped for ;-) Anyway, I'm writing about my journey to becoming a nurse on my blog.
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  6. by   amyleadon
    Yogi Mel, I like your blog. Is it hard to set one up. I wouldn't mind doing that. But anyway, I can't wait until those nursing text books are mine. I'm working really hard to get there. Best wishes to you...
  7. by   Yogi Mel
    Thanks :-) I'm sure that time will be here before you know it! If you do want to start a blog I highly recommend www.wordpress.com . Also, if you're unsure about it, you could always start a blog and not tell anyone about it until you get the hang of posting and figure out if you like it.
  8. by   Duke or UNC
    Like Yogi Mel said, it really is a crazy schedule at UNC, at least in the ABSN program. I think the BSN program may have a bit more tolerable schedule, although those students are rather busy as well. The first couple of weeks are an adjustment period, in any case. I agree that UNC seems to take a look at the whole picture of an applicant, rather than just one thing (grades, test scores, etc.) I thought that you could only apply for one program at a time though - either BSN or ABSN. Have they changed that? Or are you just applying for one program first, and if that doesn't work, you'll apply for the other one? I wish you the best in your application process - it sounds as though you have things well in hand. Let me know if I can help....
  9. by   amyleadon
    @DUKE or UNC. I am only applying to the BSN program. I meant that I will apply for both BSN(6 term cohorts). One deadline is in August and one is in December. But of course if I get accepted into Jan. I won't be applying. Thanks.
  10. by   38pearl
    Quote from Yogi Mel
    Anyway, I'm writing about my journey to becoming a nurse on my blog.
    Yogi Mel, if you still check this site, I'd love to read your blog from nursing school! I just got in to UNC and will be starting January 2014 and would love to read about someone's experience! Thanks
  11. by   RNNCcicu98
    Staffing ratios have been adjusted recently. I no longer feel that the environment is unsafe. I will always wish for more time to "nurse" my patients. (actually listen to them, spend quality time addressing their emotional needs). The last few new grad classes have become bigger and bigger, so things are looking brighter and brighter for new grads in NC. Just don't believe the hype that you will "easily get a job". Get an NA job and work hard at it. Every minute of that job is your job interview. When you graduate, use that connection to secure an interview.
  12. by   acoggi11
    I am planning on applying to the nursing program this year and had some questions about the application. How many essays are required and what are the prompts like? Also when it comes to my volunteering is that something you have to talk about or explain or do I just give them something with my hours and the people I volunteer for sign off on it?