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Hi all, Im new to the site and posted this in the Pediatric forum at first. I am a 3 year Neonatal ICU nurse from Florida relocating to North Carolina. I interviewed at Mission Hospital and was extremely pleased with the unit... Read More

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    Thank you littlestbird! Will keep you updated on Mission

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    Heard anything yet?
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    Crazier: I spoke with HR today and they told me they were just waiting on references to schedule my orientation date. I followed up with 3 of my references and had them re-send the survey that was e-mailed to them. I'm not sure if this information helps in your case or not. Good luck!
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    No, I haven't heard anything yet. I email my recruiter twice but didn't get a response. Looks like I am going to have to call myself. I REALLY want to do the September 10th orientation because I don't want to have to wait on the next one!
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    Finally! I got a call today to set up my health assessment, orientation and all that. I was really starting to get anxious! Have you heard anything yet? GOOD LUCK!
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    I got my call today congratulations and good luck!
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    Quote from alipetra
    I got my call today congratulations and good luck!
    GREAT! I just got home from doing my health assessment and turning my direct deposit stuff into HR.
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    Well, I got a call...missed it...called back twice...still don't know when my orientation date is! Ha. I hope they call back again today. My life has been in quite the holding pattern the past 3 weeks. Any idea if they only have orientation every 4-6 weeks like you thought? I hope not.
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    When I got the call for the initial offer, I missed it. I bet I called 30 times (literally) and left several messages over the next few days before I got ahold of anyone! From what I'm told, Mission's HR is super busy.

    From what I can gather, orientation isn't held very often. It must be an intense affair. I got my schedule and it's FIVE days for 8-9 hours a day and then a 6th day is "nursing skills lab". I'm curious about the lab and I'm seriously dreading those 5 days of orientation!
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    Scheduled my date today!!! I'm beyond excited. Good luck with orientation!!

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