Has anyone applied to Cape Fear's Nursing Program for 2012? - page 13

Hi I applied to Cape Fear's Program for August 2012 term. I know that the application deadline just recently ended, however, I was just wondering if anyone had heard any news through the grapevine about applicant pool/point... Read More

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    If you have finished all the pre-reqs, then you will never be full time status in the ADN program. So alot of these scholarships you can't get. Like jaimeandjules said, the spring is in 2 mini-sessions (5 credits each). But the material is sooo condensed its like 20 credits, no joke. We have a test every week on like 6 chapters, plus clinicals and paperwork to go with that. Literally 50+ hours a week devoted to nursing school.

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    JNS is it true that you don't get any money back for fin aid or student loans for 2nd semester because it is 2 mini sessions less than half time? I am already worrying about how I will survive if that's true. Working while in NS, and having a toddler seems impossible to me. Better start saving up $ now..
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    I don't qualify for pell grant, but I did get student loans. The only difference this semester is the payout time. For the mini-sessions, you won't get your refund until the 2nd or 3rd week of the 2nd mini-session (around mid-march). Usually you would get it in mid-February in a normal semester.
    But yes you still get the payout. Technically you are registered for 10 credits for the entire semester (two 5 credit classes), you just aren't taking them together.
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    Can I get financial aid at all? Thats where I am confused. If we will never be considered full time and I already have a bachelors degree, can I get any sort of assistance??
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    Yes you can still get fin aid as well as apply for student loans. You just won't get as much fin aid as you would if you were "full time". The award you get is adjusted for half time status for 1st semester.

    jns... thanks for answering my question. Made me a feel a lot better. I guess since summer semester is 5 credits, you won't be able to get any loans?
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    kbk1985..you may not be able to get a pell grant, but you should still be able to get student loans as long as you haven't maxed out the amount allowable. Not sure what that amount is though. I know several people in the ADN program with a previous bachelors that are getting financial aid of some sort. The best bet would be to go to the financial aid office ASAP so you can get the info you need. The fall semester will probably cost you around $1700 in books and tuition. You buy all the books the first semester.
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    Jaimeandjules... Yes you are right. For the summer semester there are no loans. I had to borrow enough for the spring to cover the summer semester too.
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    ok thank you both that makes me feel better. I am going to go into the financial aid office first thing next week and talk to a counselor
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    Just want to add that 1st semester you also have to buy scrubs, stethoscope, all-white shoes, a watch for counting respirations, background check & drug screen, a physical and miscellaneous other items such as hospital badge ($15) and other stuff (can't remember). The 1st semester is definitely expensive. It helps to know far ahead of time what to expect cost wise so you can go ahead and start saving now and aren't caught off guard
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    I have stethoscope and watch from cna class. I am going to try and get all the physical, drug, and background stuff done this summer. What kind of white shoes do you have? I had the dansko volleys' from cna they are all white

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