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  1. Thanks y'all!! Made it through first semester. Any advice on second I hear that's when the most people are lost?!
  2. Thanks O! Any advice for the first final exam?!
  3. Hi olliesmom,So far still hanging in there. I was going to reach out to you about the unit we just started unit 8 with mrs Murray its on sleep pain care and hygeine. I'm a little wOrried bc she flys through the material and aside we need to know the classes of pain drugs. I have tried to read and understand them but am completely lost and overwhelmed. I don't get the analgastic vs antagonist and agonist any advice????
  4. What should we expect on Monday?!?! Anyone get the syllabus yet?
  5. Hi thanks so much J. There was no book so I'm gonna email a teacher and see what's up. All that came with our required calculating set was a cd and little study book. Not sure if that's what we are suppose to have?! I'm definetly starting to study the math first thing!
  6. Hi quick question. At orientation they said the first 97 pages of calculating drug dosages was the first math test. I bought the box set from the store and it's a study guide and cd rom?! The first 97 pages of what?
  7. Hi Jaimeanjules, Sharon Barrow is doing a class on next sunday the 18th I believe. She charges $35 for the class and her information is on the list passed out at orientation. If you need her info let me know and I'll send you a private message with her number. Also I was looking online at the bookstore to get ISBN numbers for our required books and NUR is no longer up there. Any idea whats up with that? There are some inconsistencies on the textbook list they handed out to us and whats actually available (i.e Medical-Surgical Nursing: Critical Thinking for Collaborative Care isn't out in the 7th ed but Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient- Centered Collaborative Care is available in 7th ed) which one do they want us to have???
  8. Just to confirm 9am in which room? I have it in my papers but want to make sure nothing has changed.
  9. Hey girl I'm going to go through my old cna instructor she is on the approved list and it was only like 25. I'll get up with her and pass info onto you.
  10. Does anyone know when we get our book list?
  11. also what type of watch would you both reccomend?
  12. I have stethoscope and watch from cna class. I am going to try and get all the physical, drug, and background stuff done this summer. What kind of white shoes do you have? I had the dansko volleys' from cna they are all white
  13. ok thank you both that makes me feel better. I am going to go into the financial aid office first thing next week and talk to a counselor
  14. Can I get financial aid at all? Thats where I am confused. If we will never be considered full time and I already have a bachelors degree, can I get any sort of assistance??