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    As a nurse, how do you perceive that physicians feel toward you?

    I wasn't judging all doctors, I know that this is just a select few student doctors on this forum. I stated that I have no knowledge of the actual work environment so I really just want to know if this type of attitude is actually common in the professional setting. I stumbled across this page by accident, and was shocked by the many ignorant comments. There were more than I cared or had time to read, but here are a few that caught my eye (via copy/paste) "Poor little union nurses with their 2+ years of training, making $50/hour for holding hands and taking orders at a max of 36 hours per week with bonus and overtime for anything beyond that. And they have such high patient-to-nurse ratios! Let's rely on a lawyer to dictate health care policy because we haven't already been down this road." "Nurses are the backbone eh? Perhaps he'd like to see what happens if nurses were picking the antibiotics to fight off the meningitis..........." "Nurses are like that. they are women they have to constantly be affirmed." "Guys. This is simple, naked political savvy. Nurses vote Democrat, whereas doctors are split 50/50 between the parties. Nurses are also more likely than doctors (VERY unfortunately) to be ethnic minorities and staunch supporters of Obama" "If nurses work so hard at the hospital, why do their asses tend to grow along with their seniority? Seriously, like 80% of nursing students are these hot, little 20 somethings that I see. Then they become nurses and get bitchier and pear-shaped. I always joke with my friends that if you cut a nurse's leg off, you can tell how long shes been working by counting the rings." The purpose of this thread is to ask people who are actually working as a nurse if they actually encounter or perceive this type of judgement from physicians. I am not trying to start a political debate. Thank you to all who answered informatively.
  2. First of all, please forgive my naivety if I am totally off the mark here. I am beginning a nursing program in August, so I have no experience and not much knowledge on this issue. So, I was googling some info for my research project (which is about the career of nursing) and came across a post on another forum. WOW, was I shocked to read post after post belittling, degrading, insulting nurses, calling them whiners and even making sexist remarks such as, "they're women, they just need to be affirmed" This was all in response to a comment made by President Obama back in 2009. This is a student doctor forum, so I am not sure if doctors who do graduate often feel this disrespect and disgust toward nurses. Is there some sort of competition going on here? It seems like all of these student doctors possess a lot of bitterness and hatred toward nurses. Is this what is really going on in the professional health care setting? Again, please forgive me if this is totally distorted, but since I am going into the field, I would like to know what to expect. Thanks in advance!
  3. jaimeandjules

    Cape Fear CC 2011?

    I just got my acceptance letter into the CFCC Fall 2011 ADN program and I just wanted to post my scores for future reference to those wondering an 'approximate' point count total for acceptance.. although next year I'm sure it will be totally different but anywho, I was obsessing and googling similar info myself last fall so here it is... My overall point count total was 339. On the PSB, I made: Verbal 97 Arithemtic 80 Non Verbal 86 Natural Science 73 Spelling 69 Reading Comprehension 98 Vocational 97 I also had all of my pre requisites completed with the exception of the higher level English at the time of my application. I had A's in all subjects and had also completed ACA 122 worth 5 points and attended the information session worth 2 points. All in all I received a total score of 78 based on grades. Half of 78 plus half of 600 from PSB = 339. I definitely did not do as great on the PSB as I would have hoped, so I was never certain that I would get in but boy was I excited and relieved to finally get that letter! I went in to speak with the director of nursing to day to get an idea of the weekly schedule and I happened to see my spot on the acceptance list.. I was like number 70 or so!Just barely made it in.. whew! So, most of the other people that got in had better scores! I guess it is just extremely competitive with the lack of jobs everyone is wanting to go into allied health fields. I am really sorry to all who did not get in.. maybe you could apply to the LPN program? Apllication period is now and you can transition into the RN program once you complete the LPN. Good luck to all whatever you decide to pursue..