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  1. I got the syllabus this morning, in the first module it focuses on the ADN policies and course syllabus. The second module has us reading from: Kozier and Erb: chapters 4 and 5 Perry: Ethical Decision Making, page 794 and Townsend: Chapter 5
  2. That is correct as far as I know and room 202 in S building.
  3. Thank you all for the suggestions! They are definitely appreciated. See ya'll next week for orientation. Just a little excited, been a long time coming for everyone!
  4. I just wanted to let people know that there are a couple people selling their old books in the area, some might be an edition or two old but others are current edition. I recently picked up all but one book off of craigslist from a young lady who started last year but had to drop for personal reasons. I was able to save a large amount of money. They are heavy!
  5. Has anyone found or tried to find some of the books for the Fall? The school has a few of them, don't know which ones I should get first to spread out my limited funds and start reading up on some materials.
  6. I was wondering the same thing about books. Can't hurt to get a head start.
  7. They take 20 I believe, and oftentimes they will use all of the alternates. You can probably call or stop by and ask what number alternate you are. I would not worry if I were you.
  8. I think I would rather first half of the day, I put day on my form that I signed when we did point reviews.
  9. Congratulations to everyone! I got in also! Second year applying and worth the wait. For the people who were not accepted this time, the LPN application period is until May 15th also would be worth it to look into the RIBN program through UNCW/CFCC. I would be in on some group study sessions and advise that anyone has.
  10. I was really hoping you'd say something like 310, still waiting to get home and check.
  11. How many points did you have?
  12. It's been such a long wait! Now we have to wait for snail mail!
  13. Thanks for the updates! It made it easier to check the mail! I hope everyone on this forum gets their spot! I guess another couple days... again, this is agonizing!
  14. No news from me yet. I was really hoping on knowing by now! My mail comes today at 3, long few hours and then I still don't want to check it!