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Did anyone else apply to Gaston College for fall 2011? I spoke with admissions and was told that they had over 250 applicants for 80 spots. Also, I was originally told that letters were going out at... Read More

  1. by   Onmyway323
    Did anyone go to orientation?
  2. by   kaylen26
    Yeah, where you there onmyway?
  3. by   Onmyway323
    Yes I was, sitting in the back?
  4. by   kaylen26
    ok I had on a purple shirt
  5. by   optimisticallyhappy
    Quote from VioletKali
    A&P 1 and 2, BIO 168/169 will give you more points.

    Yes Nursing is a completely different application.
    What kind of things do they ask for on the application?...How do they tally up points?...Do they give extra points if you have your CNA certification, CNA work experience, extra classes you've taken other than PSY 110, BIO 163, ENG 111, etc.
  6. by   VioletKaliLPN
    It's a basic application. Name, address, etc..

    They look at the required courses and your GPA related to those courses. You get so many points for an A, B, C. You also get extra points for every point over 18 your earn on the ACT test, which they use as an entrance tool.

    The 60 students with the most points get in. CNA, work experience, etc, is not something important with the point system.
  7. by   Onmyway323
    Try and get all A's, that's where I got my points.
  8. by   VioletKaliLPN
    i am getting ready to graduate in august, but i had a's, a b in eng 111, and a 26 on act, which gave me a lot of extra points.

    so yes, try and make all a's.
  9. by   optimisticallyhappy
    Since the semester is almost coming to an end how was the first semester of LPN school and the clinicials? everybody still in the program that started on the first day?
  10. by   Minnie02
    Hi everyone! Please could you tell me what are the requirements of the program? Also how does the point-system work? What is the highest number of points do you need to get in? and G.P.A?