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Hi everyone. I haven't found a thread for this topic yet, so I decided to start one. Who else submitted their application on Feb 1st for the various new grad positions at Duke?... Read More

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    Wrench, what unit did you interview for? They called me this afternoon, but I have a friend that also interviewed (a week before I did) that hasn't heard anything yet. I really think they only have one recruiter that has been super swamped. And she said she'll be gone again this coming Thursday/Friday (not today) for a recruitment event)

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    Medicine Track. Still...haven't heard anything. The search continues!
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    I got an email to set up an interview for the Med track, email came this morning. However, I don't think I will be able to go bc the dates are all in the next 2 weeks and I have clinicals, tests, and class
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    I also just got an email to interview for the Medicine track...Working on making it fit with my schedule.
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    Anyone attending the Pediatric Open House?
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    I got invited but I can't make it that day. I'm going out there on the 29th of this month to interview!! Any help with what to expect would be appreciated!!
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    How often does Duke hold their new grad program?
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    they usually post new grad (clincal nurse I) positions the last week of the month. they have different types of programs. GEMS, SNIPS. Just read the descriptions. I am in a SNIP program which is a 6 month internship (specialty); others aren't are different-don't know the particulars. I think they are posting the 24th this month.
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    What unit are you interviewing for!
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    I have no idea what to expect as well

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