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Hi guys! I have applied for Carolinas College of Health Sciences pre-nursing and nursing programs for the fall 2013. After applying I recieved a letter stating that they were also going to consider me for the summer pre-nursing... Read More

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    Hi everyone!
    This thread has been so helpful, especially with how the pre-nursing and nursing program works! Thanks! I just want some opinions with the likelihood of being accepted into the nursing program for Spring 2014. I just finished my application and applied for both pre-nursing and nursing for Spring 2014. My high school GPA was a 2.84 and for my SATs I got a 1020. I have some college credits (was pursuing a different major and decided that wasn't for me) and had a 2.6 GPA. Do you guys think there is even a slight possibility of being accepted into the nursing program for the spring? Thanks!
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    Did you mean 2015? Honestly, I think it will be difficult for the nursing program. It *might* be possible for pre-nursing but your GPA is low. It's highly competitive to get in. Good luck!
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    Yes, sorry! I meant to say Spring 2025. But, thanks. Fingers crossed for pre-nursing!
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    RunnerRN...did you happen to take the nurse aide class that CCHS offers? I am starting the nursing program in the fall so I figured taking the NA class there made sense. I'm taking it this summer. I would love to talk to you about the nursing program if you have a chance!
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    Yes, I did my CNA class there. Feel free to message me any questions you have.