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  1. Just got the phone call... I got in for pre-nursing for the summer!! I am so excited and CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!:)
  2. Oh ok!! Thanks! How did they contact you when you had a spot? If I do not get a spot for the summer I am hoping I will be able to get one for the fall term!!
  3. Do you know much about alternate lists? The woman I spoke to wouldn't tell me what I was ranked but do a majority of the alternate lists get in or is it just different for different terms!? I know the summer has a lot less seats available than the fall! The wait is just killing me!!!
  4. I was placed on the alternate list for the summer! I do not know if it was because I had not originally applied for the summer term, therefore my application was late or what . If I do not get in for the summer I am hoping for the fall but do not find out about that until the end of April! Gahhhhhhhhhh!!
  5. Yes! I found out I really wanted to get into nursing too far into my college career. I would be at UNCW for forever if I changed my major to nursing! I am very, very ready to finally finish up these psychology classes and very anxious to hear back from CCHS!! Wish the letters would be sent out now! But that is a great idea to have the hospital system help pay :)
  6. Hi! I was told previously that no term (summer, spring, or fall) is easier or harder to get into for pre-nursing since it all is competitive! I will have my Bachelors in May and am waiting to hear back about the summer term as well! I think they are sending out the letters on Monday?
  7. Ok great!! Thank you! I will be receiving my Bachelors in Psychology this May from UNCW so hopefully a lot of my classes will transfer as well if I hopefully get in!! I definitely want to follow the same path you did if I get in with taking micro during the "off" period so fingers crossed!!!
  8. Thank you so much for responding! It is always nice to talk to a current CCHS student! Do you know if summer acceptance is more competitive than fall acceptance when it comes to pre-nursing?
  9. Hi guys! I have applied for Carolinas College of Health Sciences pre-nursing and nursing programs for the fall 2013. After applying I recieved a letter stating that they were also going to consider me for the summer pre-nursing term even though at the time I had no idea they even had a summer program (therefore my application was processed after the summer pre-nursing application deadline but if I got in I would still be very happy!). I was wondering, if I do not get into the pre-nursing summer program or the nursing program for the fall, am I going to find out if I got into the pre-nursing program for the fall in the same letters or is that all in all a seperate letter in itself!? Just wondering if anyone could let me know that would be great! Very anxious to hear back!!