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Hi All! I will be returning to my home state of NC to TRY and attending nursing school. I currently live in CA and it's way to expensive to go to school here so I will be moving back to the Charlotte area. However, I am... Read More

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    Hi there!
    I've been doing some research on some schools on this website (I'm just a newbie), and I came across this thread. I know it's old, but I wanted to ask you a few questions about Mercy. I hope you don't mind answering...

    I looked online and it doesn't specify what degree they provide. Is it an ADN or BSN? Also, how hard was it to get into? Is there a waiting list? Is there a ridiculous non-resident tuition? The website only lists a single tuition. I hope I'm on the right website.

    Thank you so much for helping me out. I'm actually out of state, from California, and ALL the schools are so impacted. I don't mind venturing out of state and have heard great things about NC.

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    heartbeatTry to find a college that doesn't look at GPA! I go to Rowan-Cabarrus CC and they don't look at GPA. They are on a points system and mostly look at the grades of your pre/co-reqs, as well as work experience, and TEAS scores. There are a few more criteria but those are the main three.heartbeat
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    If my memory severs me right you first go through Mercy and you get a certificate which is neither an ADN or BSN this allows you to take the NCLEX and if you pass you will become and RN without a degree. Then once you work for 6 months I believe it is you are eligible to apply to Mercy's program for a BSN. Then if you pass their exams you will receive your BSN. They do not guarantee that you will get accepted into there nursing program for their BSN. Also I felt that if I didn't get accepted back into their school then it seems that it would be difficult to get to any other school because you wouldn't have an ADN just a certificate saying you are eligible to take the NCLEX. Plus to just receive a certificate I believe was around 60K and then to get the BSN another 40K so for me that is just not worth it. I felt like I was on a sales pitch rather than a nursing school interview. They couldn't sign me up fast enough. All they wanted was money. I went in on a Thursday and they were willing to have me start on Monday. It was pretty crazy. I was looking to spend over 100K for a BSN all said and done. And I already have a bachelors degree. So I decided this was not the route for me. I haven't spoken to them in over a year and half so I am not sure if their program is run the same way. But I would stay away from Mercy if I were you... Just want your money. I am attending nursing school in the fall at a community college it is costing me 4800$ for 2 years and I will have my ADN when I am finished. Even if I wanted to then get my BSN an ADN to BSN program on average cost 35K in Cal so all said and done about 40K. Anyway good luck in your search.
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    I too graduated from ECU...back in 2005 with a 2.88 GPA. I started as a bio/chem pre med major. Later switched to pre nursing after failing general chemistry AND college algebra, and then later switched to an IT major. After graduating, I desperately wanted to get into an ABSN program but because of my low GPA, I didn't think I'd have a chance, until I realized the minimum GPA for WSSU's nursing programs is a 2.6. Anyway, to make a long story short. I applied to WSSU and took my pre-req's there (big mistake) Their A&P classes are only 3 credit hours...Most nursing programs require you take 4 credit hour A&P's. After finishing my prerequisites at WSSU with a 3.2 or 3.3 GPA, I applied to the ABSN program and wasn't accepted. I later applied to two local community colleges...wasn't even considered for admissions at FTCC b.c I couldn't pass each section of the TEAS with a 40 then I was placed on the alternate list at GTCC #10...was scared out of my mind that that was too high up on the list. Well...I was later accepted into GTCCs nursing program and screwed up...Now I'm basically starting over again, it hurts a bit but I'm getting over it. I reapplied to GTCCs program and am still waiting on hopefully an acceptance letter. I think that as long as you can get relatively decent grades in your prerequisites, most CC's don't look at your undergrad GPA when accepting you into their programs. They rank you according to the grades you receive mainly in A& I say aim for either an A or a B because that's where you get the majority of your points...from the trend I've noticed after researching a few local CC's

    Good luck...fellow Pirate arrrggh

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