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Hi guys! I'm catching up on my reading and was wondering if you guys happen to read some critical care books on NICU. I would really appreciate if you could share some good ones. Thanks a bunch. :wink2:... Read More

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    Quote from psychonaut
    So, here comes the most un-helpful possible answer; apologies in advance.

    We had a book floating around our unit, and it has disappeared. It was authored by a PA-C, and was soft-cover spiral bound. It gave detailed-yet-accessable descriptions of many neonatal/pediatric cardiac defects and the surgeries to correct them. It had fantastic drawings of the anatomy of both the defect and the surgical repair. I loved that book and it drives me nuts that it's gone, and I never got the title or the author (just that he was a PA, I thought that was kinda cool).

    One day when I have the time (like now?) I will troll through amazon and see if I get lucky in finding it.
    Is it "Pediatric Heart Surgery - A ready reference for professionals" by L. Eliot May, PA-C?

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    Our unit uses Core Curriculum for Neonatal IC Nursing by Verklan and Walden and I am personally bias towards it. I find that it is extremely in depth and thorough, no nonsense kind of material. It is a good read and has plenty of great info, I am just getting into it, I start a new position soon! I am interested in the book written for parents, Premies is it called? That seems like a great resource for teaching <-------- one thing I really need to learn, I am fresh meat when it comes to neonatal care and its about as scary as Palin on a war path speech.

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