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    I am brand new to this site.. and i love it. I just graduated last weekend with a BSN and really really want to work in the NICU. I have applied to numerous places in several cites and parts of the US and either there are no openings or no openigs for new grads... i am very discouraged. Everyone keeps telling me to do something else and i will have a job in a heart beat but i dont want to do anything but pedi/NICU. Am i being to picky?

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    You are not to picky. If you think this is what you want to do then try harder.

    If it is not working for you maby you could try something else for a while and then try again in 6 months or a year.
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    Have you tried the Dallas/Ft. Worth area?

    There are a lot of NICU's and a lot of them hire new grads. Usually there are internships in the NICU for new grads, but some of them will be starting in a few weeks so they may be done hiring for now. You may need to wait until January to get hired on in the NICU. The bigger hospitals usually have internships every 6 months.

    Good luck to you!!
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    Keep looking! They're out there!
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    Thanks for your ideas and replys!!!
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    Have you tried the columbus Ohio area? I can give you the names of the hospitals here if you want? Just PM me.

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    I would say keep trying. I ran into the problem of where there were too many new grads applying for the NICU and I did not get it. I too REALLY want to do NICU or PEDS. I have NO desire what so ever to work in med-surg but guess what, guess where I am starting. On a post-op surgical care floor. So I am going to wait 6 months-a year and as SOON as I see some NICU openings I am going to jump into applying. However, I will definitely do it before next year's grads come out. So Probably in December or January is when I will make my tranfer. The problem is that there is probably no openings left for new grads. They can only take so many new grads. I know with the hospitals in my area they have the maximum amount of new grads they can take at the moment in my area for new grads but they have PLENTY of openings for experienced NICU RNs.

    If you can't find it right now then try another area for now. Time will fly by quick. I am NOT going to give up into getting into the area I REALLY want to be and feel my heart really is at. Med-Surg my heart is not there but I am trying to keep a positive upbeat attitude and learn as much as I possibly can.

    I just hope the NICU will take me because I heard SOME NICU's don't want to hire nurses with adult med-surg background.
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    I hear you , I too have an offer for an adult cv surgical floor but i do not want to work in adult nursing at all!!!! I am so discouraged. I know i could just do it for a year and then try and get into nicu or pedi again but it is so hard to start out in nursing with a job you dont really want. You have been waiting and waiting all through school to do "what you want" and be done with all those crazy clinicals in areas of nursing you know that you will never do but then you graduate and get a job you dont really want it is very discouraging..
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    I know where you are coming from LuvbabiesRN during nursing school I knew I was going to work in pedi or NICU. I had no interest in adult care. I was petrified that I would have to work adult care until I found something. I started looking a few months prior to graduation and I lucked out because I did start in NICU.

    It won't be the end of the world if you have to start in adult care. The time will go by quick and you will learn a lot!! Does the hospital that you were offered a position have a NICU? If so find out who the manager is and let her know who you are and let her know that you are very interested in working in the NICU and you hope to be considered for the next internship.

    Hang in there and remember that you have many years of nursing ahead of you and the first 6 months to a year will be a very short time.

    Good luck to you!!
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    I'm in the same boat. Want to do newborn nursery, mother/baby, L&D, NICU - anything along the lines of babies being born! Eventually want to do community/public, maternal-child health.

    Anyone know of hospitals in Miami that are hiring new grads into these areas? I'm moving there right after graduation (in August).

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