Anyone have good resources to help develop NICU knowledge and critical thinking?

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Hi everyone!

I work in a level 3 where we don't have good support when it comes to NICU education. I feel like I need to better understand NICU concepts and I need help developing my critical thinking in NICU. I am open to your favorite books, but I learn best watching videos and taking quizzes where I can pick the best answer and if wrong it is accompanied by a rationale. Also, are there any NICU apps you recommend? I am also willing to pay for a service to further my knowledge. Thank you for any recommendations!

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YouTube: tala talks NICU

Annabanana! That's my nickname!😂 American Academy of Pediatrics has a ton of great material for NICU nurses. You do have to open an online account with them and pay for a lot of their learning material. Also a quick YouTube search using the words, "nicu nursing video resources" will pull up a treasure trove of helpful information. Also, some of the big, level 4 Children's hospitals offer in-person, CEU classes for NICU nurses. It might be worth it to look into that if you happen to have any within driving distance of any level 4s. Hope this helps!


Hi! There is a great book on Amazon called Fast Facts for the Neonatal Nurse. It's a fabulous book for new grads and one I used myself. There is actually an entire series of fast facts books for lots of different nurse specialties. 

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When I first started in the NICU, I too was looking for good resources to help me with better understanding patho and management.  One of the Neos recommended Gomella's Neonatology.  I absolutely love this book.  It doesn't have everything, but it has quite a bit.  And each concept is outlined really well, in my opinion.

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