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We have the smart pumps with the medication library in it, so it tells you the time/dose range for KG. We are required to use the med library rather then ML/HR on my unit. So My vent is this... nurses are putting up let's say a... Read More

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    I believe this Baxter pump people are talking about is actually the Alaris Smart Pump by Care Fusion. That's the one that has a "brain" plus up to 4 modules. It has the guardrails, syringe modules and others.

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    Quote from RAIZIE
    We are about to get the Baxter smart pumps house-wide but I didn't think they had smart syringe pumps. We are looking for a syringe pump for SCN and Peds because that's how our pharmacy prepares the meds.
    Can you clarify please exactly what pump you are using?
    And, BTW, I believe you are 100% correct about liability if one bypasses the guardrail system.
    we use medfusion syringe pumps, looks like this -

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