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Is it hard to find jobs in the nicu or nursery right away? They seem to be the easiest jobs in the hospital. Is there anything difficult about them?... Read More

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    Quote from not.done.yet
    This post cannot be for real.

    No it is not an easy job.

    Yes, it is hard to get one.

    The end.

    ^This. Totally agree. Can be an incredibly stressful job.
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    Quote from almostmadeit
    My mom is 50, I don't think she can really handle a med surg job. I just think she needs a slower paced job in a not too busy part of the hospital.

    Wow. Really? Are you kidding?

    Besides, 40's and 50's are still high energy years. Of course it can depend on the individual. I agree that you should let your mom worry about her career situation.
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    Quote from traumaRUs
    NICU is extremely stressful - it is an ICU environment where not only do you have the patient to care for but also a very distraught family.

    Not an easy job at all. Doubt there is an easy job. That said, 50 isn't that old - what does Mom want to do?

    Again, ^This. Totally true.

    It amazes me how people think that you don't care for adults if you are a pediatric or neonatal nurse. Um, you have family-centered care--it doubles the stress load. Often parents are there pretty much all of the time. You have to learn how to handle this in the best possible way.
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    While I don't agree with the harsh criticism of the other posters in this thread...neither do I agree with the harsh criticism of the OP and his/her post. The OP may genuinely not know what is involved in this specialty. The OP may think that because babies are involved that it must be a piece of cake, or maybe the OP is confusing nursery nursing with NICU.

    Though I do agree with two things.

    First, the NICU is definitely not easy--I know I can't do it for many reasons. Then again, very few specialities meet the definition of "easy" that the OP is looking for

    Second, and I say this to the OP with all kindness: I know you mean well, but let your mother decide what specialty is best for her. I'm sure you'd feel ire if your mom tried to pick out your speciality for you. So let Mom find her own path.
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    If NICU were so easy, everyone would do it. I couldn't handle taking care of unhealthy infants. It would break my heart. In addition, having to be extremely cautious with even the amount of a saline flush would be unreal. I have utmost respect for all the NICU nurses out there.
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    Unless you're referring to the physical demand it puts on your body, NICU is far from "easy". My mom has been a NICU nurse for 15 years, and there are still days that she calls me crying about an inconsolable crack-addicted newborn, or a 22 weeker whom - despite their best efforts - will not survive. Maybe the OP has never stepped foot into a NICU and doesn't realize what it entails, but these are not well babies, OP. I can't imagine seeing a newborn take their last breath is ever "easy", no matter how many times you've seen it.
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    Back to the question at hand: OP can you come back and tell us more details. BTW just a friendly admin reminder: keep the debate focused on the topic, not the poster. Thanks.
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    I am an LPN now RN student. I do not think any floor I have been on is "easy". Some of our more energetic students who literally run circles around the younger 20 somethings are "older". I am friends with them but I have not asked their age. I however am in my 30"s and they state that they can be my mother.

    50 is not old. She might have a harder time pyshically on a ortho floor ( not sure how you orhto nurses do it) turning, lifting, and moving pts.

    When I was in NICU there was a ton of running around. The only time I saw a nurse sit was for one minute while she started to feed a baby and one of the nursing students offered to help, so she passed the tiny baby off.

    If your mom has started her clinical rotations I am sure she will find a "fit" or a place that she really wants to work. I have added more "fits" to my list. I loved floors I thought I would hate, love floors I thought I would love, and dislike floors I thought I would hate. I really cannot say there is but one floor that is just not me. I know a few floors that if I got a job on right out of nursing school I would do a little happy dance but even then sometimes once you have worked that floor you grow to see that it was not the fit you thought it was.

    I wish the best for you and your mom.
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    No part of nursing is easy. It is all difficult. It is the world we live in.
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    Quote from almostmadeit
    Is it hard to find jobs in the nicu or nursery right away? They seem to be the easiest jobs in the hospital. Is there anything difficult about them?
    My only experience in both well baby nursery and nicu were in clinicals. In retrospect the Nicu especiay was a super easy area. Like most of critical care the nurses did nothing since the pts were on monitors. All the drs , nps /pas and nurses sat around watching tv. It is especially a cushy job in a teaching hospital with the medical and nursing students doing everything. (for the dense this is sarcasm).
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