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Calling all New Grad NICU nurses...thanks to a thread started by NurseDevonL, we have decided to start a support group. Hopefully some of our more experienced NICU nurses will look in every so often... Read More

  1. by   Old.Timer.
    I think creating a new grad support thread was an excellent idea - it is a stressful transition. The precursor to this thread was a thread looking for e-mail pen pal for new NICU nurses. It was also suggested in that thread that maybe more experienced nurses could check in and offer support and advice every so often which is why I am butting in, even though I am new to the forum.

    I'm going to assume that most of you on this thread practically grew up on the internet, facebook, blogs etc and are quite comfortable sharing information about yourselves. However, it is imperative that you monitor all aspects of your online activity to ensure that you are not inadvertently placing your hospital, co-workers and self at legal risk with information shared online. You need to consider info available in totality, even if it is not listed in one entry.

    There is mention in the original pen pal thread directing readers to a blog. That blog lists, item by item, all of the errors that occurred on a specific day at work and makes mention that there was "obvious harm done to the patient."

    I believe the author assumes she is okay since she doesn't use her name on her blog. She does not have to....she has already given readers all they need to know. She has told anyone reading her blog, exactly what problems occurred in the NICU of a specific hospital on a specific day and shift. This is the stuff that will give the risk management and legal department of that hospital a coronary, understandably so.

    Someone did not stop and think. If anyone is in touch with the blog author, I would recommend contacting her to suggest she remove certain entries. We all need to carefully consider any info we post pertaining to specifics of our professional life.
  2. by   aerorunner80
    Quote from Harparia
    Did you try the pearsonvue trick yet? It has been 100% accurate with my classmates. (Do a search for the directions on AN if you haven't).

    I start my orientation in a few weeks, so I'll be watching this thread with great interest. Most of the time, I am really excited about starting my first nursing job, and then I get a thousand butterflies in my stomach that represent all the "what if's". It will be nice to have people around that can empathize.

    I'm just a few weeks behind. Oops!

    yes I did the "trick" and it worked for me. I found out 48 hours after taking the test that I passed.
  3. by   PacoUSA
    I am officially following this thread, as I hope to be a NICU New Grad in a couple of years My hope is that I can come back at that time and say that I have fulfilled my dream!
  4. by   Bortaz, RN
    The last 5 days that I worked were very interesting, as a newer nurse. The first day, I was allowed to orient with another nurse on a sick, vented 24 weeker with uac/uvc and a dobu drip. The next 4 work days, I had that kid on my own.

    He went from just vented to INO to Jet vent and fent/dopa/dobu drips over the next 4 days, with a large head bleed and pulmonary hemorrhage from the surfactant he was given at birth.

    I was there on about the 3rd day, and realized *I* had the sickest kid on the unit. ME, an October 2009, how overwhelming! I spoke with my wonderful charge nurse, and asked her how that'd come to be.

    She told me I'd gotten the assignment because they felt I was ready for it, capable of handling it, had the right mind-set and common sense to deal with whatever came up, and that their goal is to see me as one of their "go-to level 3 nurses" on the unit. It was an awesome feeling to have my hard work recognized, especially coming from someone whom I hold in great respect.

    My unit manager stayed over the next night to speak with me, and again reaffirmed that they were very happy with my progress, and feel that I'm one of their "shooting stars" in the NICU. That she sees me at some point being their choice for charge, for sections, for the sickest babies, for ECMO when it comes to our unit, etc.

    Again, overwhelming but so, so appreciated. I'm in love with my job, dedicated to these babies, and thank God that I have been allowed to start my new career in such a great environment.
  5. by   Pmkn10RN
    I found out today I passed my NCLEX RN! I’ve had a job lined up for a few months, but I wanted to wait to post here until I passed the NCLEX (so I didn’t jix myself). I’m starting in August in a level III. I feel so blessed to not only have a job, but in the specialty I love!
  6. by   niculove
    Wow Bortaz! I just got the chills...that is amazing!!!! Congratulations on your accomplishments so far. Hard work and dedication do pay off. What an amazing feeling that must be. I don't start for a couple more weeks, but I hope to shine like you in the NICU!!! This is a new career for me too and I already feel so nervous over the unknown. Please continue to post so I can see how you are doing. Congratulations again.

    Also, big congratulations to pmkn10RN for passing boards and the NICU spot! Welcome!

    Old.Timer. - Thank you for posting. It is very nice to have experienced NICU nurses come by and say hi and give advise. I didn't read the OP blog, but hopefully she has read your post. Please continue to stop by and check in.

    Paco386 - Feel free to follow the thread. I was in the NICU forum when I started my prereqs many many years ago. Dreams do come true!!! I am proof! Good luck

    Hope everyone else is doing great! Check in from time to time.

  7. by   nursebrittany
    HELLO ! i am a new nurse starting in the NICU III in Tampa, FL. So excited after having done my practicum in the NICU at Shands in Gville. Def will stay tuned to discuss further.
  8. by   determined_30
    NEONURSEMAY 10. I would like to specialize in NICU or Peeds. Will this be included in the aas program or do I have to take seperate classes?
  9. by   Bobbkat
    Hello all! I'm through hurdle #1. I interviewed a few days ago, and later that day was told that I was one of the final candidates for the position. Now HR is completing my background check and contacting my references as a final step. My fingers are crossed

    I also interviewed this week for another position. I really want the NICU, but I'm glad to have multiple departments interested in me. (doesn't hurt that it's a great position too!).
  10. by   niculove
    Welcome nursebrittany! may get a peds course with the possibility of a NICU shadow day. Not sure of your program. Just do VERY well in NS! Good luck.

    Bobbkat - keeping my fingers crossed for you. It sounds like you got it! YAY! Keep us posted.

    I start in a week! So excited and so nervous at the same time.

    How is everyone else doing? Keep posting!!!!
  11. by   Bortaz, RN
    Fixin to start going with my charge to sections. Eww.
  12. by   birdcage
    I had orientation this week and start up on the floor on Tuesday. I can't wait. I wish I knew something that I could study or at least be familiar with. If I had the money, I would have gotten a few of the recommended books for NICU but right now I have to reread textbooks and find stuff on the internet. How is everyone else doing on the floor?
  13. by   Bobbkat
    I got it!!!!! I'm a NICU nurse!