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    I keep seeing references in threads to Isolette covers, like they're a specific thing. We use... blankets. Often it's the same hospital-issue blankets we use to swaddle, make beds/rolls, etc. You know, the white ones with teal and pink stripes. Once in a while the volunteer group will send up a big load of crocheted blankets and we throw one of those on, or a parent will bring something in. Do y'all have some special thing you use? I could sort of picture a shaped, maybe quilted kind of thing.

    I'd be shocked, SHOCKED to discover that this is some EBP developmental care thing that the entire rest of the universe has caught onto and that my unit stubbornly refuses to acknowledge. [/sarcasm]

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    Liz, we use our sheets, or blankets that parents bring in, take home and launder. We had some covers made to fit over the wee ones homes, but they went amiss in the laundry, so it's any port in a storm, a sheet a blanket, any shield from the noxious stimulation all around!
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    All of our isolettes come with covers from the company that supplies them. The Giraffe beds have their own covers (w/ little giraffes on them) as well. I tried googling the isolettes / covers, but couldn't find anything. If I remember at work tonight, I'll get the specific model number of the isolettes that we use and will post it when I get home in the morning (the hospital has blocked....)
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    We have isolette covers also. And yes they are quilted-looking. Some of them appear to be Children's Medical Ventures...based on the print. And then some from some other random company. And the giraffe printed ones for the giraffes. They're a little thicker than blankets and properly shaped, so they do a much better job blocking sound and light. But yes, we too resort to our ugly koala bear receiving blankets when it's a slow laundry day....or month.
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    We only use the hospital blankets if we have a fresh admission and haven't had a chance to grab anything else. Otherwise we have tons of colorful pattern type ones that seem to have been made for this purpose as they have slits on them to slide into some buttons on the top of the giraffe. I don't know if this is a developmental thing but lately I've noticed that the covers on our former micropreemies (34+wks adjusted) are inside out so the baby can view the colors from inside the isolette. Also parents can bring a large blanket and we can use that if they wish.
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    We have rather nice quilted thick ones that reduce the sound and lighThey have flaps to enable easy viewing.

    I suggest you gather as much research as possible - summarize it all and present it at your next meeting - the only way forward is to sometimes push your way.

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    We use the giraffe covers or quilts/blankets that parents have brought in.
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    We use something like this:

    These look like older ones to me. While we have some of these older ones, we also have heavier quilted ones with snaps/poppers for the corners that fit quite snugly - I couldn't find an image of one of those though. I think ones like these older ones are made by some of the volunteers that make our blankets, socks and cardigans - they may even make the heavier quilted ones. Not sure if we order them. I'll try to remember when I'm back at work in a couple of weeks.

    Our heated cots also have covers made for them:
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    Here are the pictures I was talking about

    We have a few different varities - depending on the age of the isolette / cover. But the covers always come w/ the new isolettes.

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    That thing over the heated cot (we dont have those but I imagine it is similar to an open bed warmer?) is the coolest. We are always getting into trouble for trying to fashion "tents" for those horribly sick or drug addicted kids who need low stim but are in an open bed. I guess it is a fire hazard.

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