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Level 3 NICU 17 yrs, Neo transport 13 yr
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ScammRNC has 21 years experience and specializes in Level 3 NICU 17 yrs, Neo transport 13 yr.

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  1. ScammRNC

    Doulble lumen UAC v/s double lumen UVC

    What is the practice if the medical team is unable to place a UVC?
  2. ScammRNC

    On Call System

    36 bed Level III. No mandatory call but it has be "threatened". If call help is needed a text message is sent out via our scheduling system. If no response, we then make direct phone calls. Unfortunately, there is not anymore incentive right now other than time and a half if you come in and stand by pay as well if you sign up ahead of time. We also get a lot of help from our Pediatric floor. The reason mandatory call has not been implemented is many of the staff say they will leave if it started.
  3. ScammRNC

    IV securement

    Just a general question about what everyone's ways of securing IV's are. We are looking to change our practice but would like to see pros cons from everyone. What do you use?? Stat Lock, SorbaView, tape, other??
  4. ScammRNC

    Well baby transports

    We only do these kind of "back" transports if out unit is full and potentially going on diversion. But if they take place, out transport team is responsible for doing the transport.
  5. ScammRNC

    Blood glucose checks

    Can anyone state what their unit policy is for frequency of Blood glucose checks on NPO infants &/or those on trophic feedings? Also the evidence behind it. We have had a Neo respond to an incident with a knee jerk reaction and is wanting our policy changed.
  6. ScammRNC

    Baby positioning. What do you use?

    We use Z-flow, bendy bumpers and/or frogs.
  7. ScammRNC

    Residual Checks/Abd Girth

    Thanks, got the articles.
  8. ScammRNC

    Not closing to siblings?!?!?!??

    During flu season, We close to all visitors under 16 years of age. We recently had a mother come in that "wasn't feeling the best" and now her infant has rhinovirus. The only thing that keeps the adults out is a temp and then maybe some common sense here and there. Our normal visitation allows siblings age 3 and above and anyone else on the parents list above 16 yo
  9. ScammRNC

    Which Milk Warmer Do You Use?

    We use Penguins. Gave up the pitcher with warm water quite a few years ago.
  10. ScammRNC

    Residual Checks/Abd Girth

    Recently 2 members of our medical team went to a feeding conference and heard from a leading expert in NEC that his hospital does not check residuals or abdominal girths. So now we are looking into possibly changing our practice. What is everyone else doing with residuals and girths? Presently we check residuals any time a portion of a feeding is gavaged. Based on where the residual falls into our residual protocol, 1. the full feeding will be given, 2. the residual will be refed and subtracted from volume to be given or 3. the doc will be called. Girths are checked at least every shift. Any input is appreciated. Not sure how I feel about Not checking residuals.
  11. ScammRNC

    Maximum bedside visitors

    We allow 4 at the bedside and a parent has to be present in that number, but we also have private rooms so crowding is not an issue. Parents can also designate up to 4 people that can be independent visitors. Of course with palliative care, it is left up to the parents as to who & how many they wish to be at bedside.
  12. ScammRNC

    Single vs. Double lumen

    My unit has always used double lumen UAC's, but after a change in suppliers we now have a difficult time obtaining a waveform on our in-line BP. Hardly ever works the first few days and it doesn't matter if it is a 23 weeker or a 34 weeker. Does anyone else use double lumen UAC's and if so do you have any problems with ABP? How about single lumen?
  13. ScammRNC

    skin to skin with UVCs

    Right now our policy is to not hold with either a UAC or UVC, but that policy is being revised. It will be changed so that it is based on the stability of the baby. If a baby has a UVC because of blood sugars or the inability to place a PICC then it will become the nurses discretion.
  14. ScammRNC

    What do NICU nurses consider "viability"?

    Our neo's will not attend any delivery of any infant
  15. ScammRNC

    4 lb Car Seats

    How do other units handle discharging infants that are less than 5 lbs? We typically require the parents to purchase 4 lb car seats or the infant will be placed in a car bed. But we have had physicians at times "OK" a baby that weighs a couple of ounces less than 5 lbs to be DC'd in a 5 lb car seat as long as it "fits" the infant. Our staff is uneasy about this. Any input would be appreciated.
  16. ScammRNC

    What do NICU nurses consider "viability"?

    We do not attend deliveries of babies less than 23 weeks. If time allows, our neos visit with the parents and give them all the statistics on outcomes. We have decent outcomes with 24 weekers but of course would always rather see at 25 or 26 weeker if it is going to be early.