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Hi, Quick question regarding the extension tubing that attaches to an indwelling NG tube. The NG tube can be left in for up to 30 days per the manufacturer although they rarely last that long. ... Read More

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    Quote from Eyeknit
    My experience - extension tubing every feed or at a max every four hrs. NG/OG tube was silastic, changed every 30 days per manufac. guidelines. Haven't worked anywhere yet that discriminated between breastmilk and formula although as a nurse I know that formula was more prone to clog the tubing . . . . so it makes sense to change it more frequently.
    My hospital has no policy on changing the actual tubes so I'm wondering...what about NJ tubes? Do you change those every month too? Sometimes it's so hard to get those things in we keep them as long as we possibly can and I know I've taken care of kiddos who had them longer than a month.

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