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Eyeknit has 13 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in NICU, NSY, LD/OB.

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  1. Transitional Care Nursery! Help!

    Not sure if you mean LDRP couplet care or MB couplet care, but at my fac we do STS by default for vag, and we have a nursery nurse assigned only to ‘catch’ babies who does the two hrs after delivery, popping in and out of the room, sometimes juggling...
  2. As NicuGal and others pointed out there are more ways to be wrong than simply being in violation of HIPAA. HIPAA - is strictest in reference to private information you receive in the course of your job, less clear and may not apply at all to informa...
  3. Anybody remember this

    Remember it? Used it last shift I worked. Cotton ball in the diaper, crossing the fingers that the pee hits the cotton ball. Recently had an extended discussion about the fact that we don't actually label the cotton balls with name, MR, and DOB whil...
  4. GBS prophylaxis med error

    Thank you. I thought that the kiddo should have been treated as inadequate coverage gbs pos kids are, but was overruled and it made me uncomfortable, so I pursued it to the neo and was double-overruled. :-( I am now looking for documented authoritati...
  5. extension feeding tube use

    My experience - extension tubing every feed or at a max every four hrs. NG/OG tube was silastic, changed every 30 days per manufac. guidelines. Haven't worked anywhere yet that discriminated between breastmilk and formula although as a nurse I know t...
  6. GBS prophylaxis med error

    When a GBS pos mom misses her 2nd dose of Q4 penG, delivers 6.5 hrs after the first dose was on board, is her child considered "gbs pos but adequately treated" or "gbs pos inadequately treated" and can anyone guide me to a reference about this type o...
  7. IV Filters on all fluids for neonates???

    Same experience - varying workplaces have varying policies. Some filter everything (except lipids/insulin/prostin) to include D10W through a PIV, others have charts to show what fluids they filter through what types of lines. I just wish the long ter...
  8. High Census Question

    Recently my unit has had a relatively high census for several weeks and it got me wondering, what happens in your unit when the beds start to fill ? Do you see overtime? More PRN staff? Do you ship babies elsewhere? Do your assignments get harder to ...
  9. Developmental positioning in Giraffe beds

    We use sheepskin even on the giraffee mattresses . . . frankly, although the company has high claims for their mattresses, plain ol' sheepskin sure does feel 'cushy'er to us and it is probably just a case of whomever makes sheepskins not having the a...
  10. 24 Hour Visitation

    Recently we went to almost 24hr visitation, with only change of shift closed (and we have been fuzzing the boundaries there too.) It is great. Great for the families. It does require the nurses to be more . . . assertive. When you have a family t...
  11. How to treat umbilical cord?

    I dont remember seeing a cord problem in the three years I have worked at my current facility. We don't put anything on them and we do tub baths every three days. We don't treat them with anything when they have lines in either.