Does anyone use biodiscs on their piccs, umbilical lines?

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    I know there is a age limit on biodiscs, but our ID team is talking about using them on piccs and umbilical lines. Just wondering if anyone has started this yet? We use the biodiscs on our older chronic kids with CVL's. We haven't had an umbilical line sepsis in one year We were doing good with central lines , got one infected in the past 7 months, but it is a gut kid that lots of radiographic studies and ID thinks that it may have pushed bacteria out of the gut wall and caused the sepsis since it was ecoli.

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    Nope. We are always told they are not designed to be used on neonates.
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    No, we only use them on our CVLs (Broviac catheters).
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    what is a biodisc?
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    We use them on broviacs and picc lines.
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    Quote from thsn1975
    what is a biodisc?
    a biodisc is a small round foam disc that is impregnated with chlorhexidine on one side. you place the chorhexidine site directly over the catheter insertion site when you are doing dressing changes. it diminishes the incidence of bloodstream infections caused by long-term catheter placement.
    here is a link to the johnson & johnson site that describes the disc:

    [color=#0000a0] 008b98812f9515
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    Yup, use them on neonates >32 weeks gestation with PICC lines, but not UVCs
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    we don't use them. how do you visualize the insertion site with these?
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    That's more relevant to Piv's, isn't it? The catheter in the PICC goes all the way to the heart.
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    Quote from Justine_
    That's more relevant to Piv's, isn't it? The catheter in the PICC goes all the way to the heart.
    Do PIVs infiltrate at the insertion site?

    texas2007, it's nearly impossible until you do a dressing change. I guess since the biodisc is there to prevent infection at the insertion site, you trade that benefit for the ability to asses...?

    We only use biodiscs on nephrostomy tubes.

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