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  1. ...and, typhoid is caused by bacteria, not a virus. Despite both of those points,... a completely uneducated response by lamazeteacher. It infuriates me when people, especially medical professionals, compare influenza to any other vaccine. They're simply not the same. Our current medical approach will never eradicate the flu. Current medicine isn't preventing the spread from animal species (pig, bird) to humans or the combination of genes from human strains with animal strains... The influenza virus evolves rapidly and replaces a previous strain. Each season's flu vaccine is formulated from a previous influenza strain. A current vaccination may or may not produce immunity to a current strain. This is why people who always get the vaccine get sick one year when they didn't in previous years. There is a very interesting (and scary) book about the flu, "Flu - The Story of the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 and the Search for the Virus That Caused It" by Gina Kolata. It includes information on the evolution of H1N1 ("swine flu") and H5N1 ("avian flu"). IMO, a must read. Do not tell me what to put in my body. If I got sick with H1N1, I'd stay home, just like with any other strain of influenza. Don't wear a mask, stay home! You're full of crap if you think you can productively work an 8 or 12 hour shift without removing your mask. As professionals, we should not be proliferating the media propaganda. Oh, this topic makes me angry.
  2. 300g

    Amicillin via UAC?

    It's really going to depend on your unit policy and culture. Yes, you can give ampicilllin, gentamicin and a lot of other medications through UACs (and some should never be given via UAC like inotropes). However, I'm with you and the others here... I would have started another PIV. I prefer to avoid giving anything via UAC unless an extreme case or emergency.
  3. 300g

    Ec 135

    Wow, I see this is more of a problem than I thought. We've been using an isolette on a stretcher-type set up for our EC135 but it recently broke and we need to find a replacement. Apparently, the Airborne unit is the only one available to fit the EC135...??? I've also heard it's not getting good reviews. Any comments on that? FlyingScot have you found a solution or any more information? Please contact (PM) me!!! I'll follow up on flightmed.com as well. Thanks in advance!
  4. Our main NICU transport isolette broke and we need to replace it STAT. Our issue is the isolette fitting in our EC135 helicopter. Any recommendations? Can anyone refer me to someone who would have information? Thank you!
  5. 300g

    Interpreting Blood Gases

    It's worth the $6 to purchase it, or take the S.T.A.B.L.E. course. I don't think it would be right for me to post a copy of their chart. You're going to be able to determine your acid/base balance with a CBG. pH and CO2 should be pretty close. Where ABGs are better than CBGs is when you need a more accurate PaO2... for example, a very sick PPHN you will probably want your Pa02 greater than 100 and you won't get an accurate reading with a CBG. Two other quick notes about blood gases... some blood gas machines will calculate your HCO3 based on your CO2, so they will not report an accurate reflection of HCO3. You will see this when your HCO3 value dramatically changes between gases. HCO3 (renal response) is not that rapid. Also, to get an accurate lactate, you will need an ABG, not CBG. Hope that helps!
  6. 300g

    Infant restraint system cost?

    Well, thanks anyhow... they're $77/each. Maybe we could turn this topic into a discussion about infant restraint systems? What are you using? Pros? Cons?
  7. 300g

    Infant restraint system cost?

    Hi all! I would like to propose a product change for our transport team. In the unit I currently work with, we use straps with velcro that criss-cross across the infants chest (in a X). They're not only disgusting, but terribly unsafe. The unit I used to work for uses the Airborne Life Support Infant Restraint System (papoose), pictured here ---> http://www.int-bio.com/airborne_parts.php?page=10 Does anyone have a rough estimate (or exact) cost for this particular product? Thanks so much!
  8. 300g

    Interpreting Blood Gases

    This chart is helpful - S.T.A.B.L.E. Blood Gas Interpretation Chart Blood gases just take practice. Is there something specific that you're having trouble with? Here's something that might be helpful: Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation
  9. 300g

    Nursing Refresher? Review?

    Where in Florida are you? I don't know of a specific refresher course for your situation. But I would imagine that a NCLEX book with testing software would pretty much summarize nursing school. Then, study/review your weaknesses. Something like this: http://www.amazon.com/NCLEX-Review-4000-Software-Individual/dp/0781777909 Or maybe get with a group that's studying for the NCLEX? Hope that helps. Good luck!
  10. 300g

    FDA Panel Votes to Eliminate Vicodin and Percocet

    Yesterday I broke my foot... *grumble grumble*... I have never taken Percocet before, but THANK G*d (or the ER doc) for prescribing it for me. And, THANKFULLY it is available for prescription. SIMPLY STATED AGAIN... eliminating Vicodin and Percocet WILL NOT solve Tylenol related problems. Why is that so hard to understand? Maybe the FDA Panel has not reached Piaget's Formal Operations stage...
  11. 300g

    FDA Panel Votes to Eliminate Vicodin and Percocet

    Tylenol recently aired a campaign on TV about the dangers of taking too much. "Take the recommended dose or don't take it at all... more is not better"... something along those lines.
  12. 300g

    Houston Jobs?

    Don't let Magnet status deter you from applying to any hospital you'd want to work for... in fact, I'd rather apply to a hospital with Magnet status. Magnet status is afforded to hospitals who support and promote their nurses. As an ADN they might even provide more assistance for your advancement than non-Magnet hospitals.
  13. 300g

    NICU or L&D?

    I also enjoy attending the delivery to care for the neonate. As transport nurses, we attend all high risk deliveries. My first job as a RN was pretty much L&D. I was hired NICU but we transferred almost all the babies to our sister hospital. The hospital that hired me really needed a L&D nurse so they conned me with the idea of NICU. I ended up "cross-training" in L&D. I hated it! It would stress me out soooo much to see the babies in distress in utero. I wanted that baby IN MY HANDS! It reminds me of the feeling you get when you see a Category 5 hurricane on radar 3 days before it "may" hit your city... then 2 days, then 12 hours... (if you know what I mean.) I still get very antsy with decels at delivery... maybe it's just cord compression... maybe it's something worse... AAAARGH! I'm 100% NICU nurse... couldn't do L&D. In fact, I really don't know any nurses who enjoy both (I don't consider attending the delivery as L&D... it's the "L" part I can't do.) Most really prefer one or the other and they are just as different as Cardiology vs. Oncology. As for your senior practicum decision, I would recommend that you choose the specialty that you'll most likely pursue employment in. It may lead to a future position in the unit. I ended up doing part of my practicum in ICU and the other in L&D because NICU was not a choice. In nursing school, our local hospitals did not allow students in NICU. Best of luck in your decision!
  14. 300g

    URGENT: I need help about caffeine

    For apnea of prematurity, as already noted, 20mg/ml (60mg/3ml) is the appropriate concentration. Loading dose 20-40mg/kg and maintenance dose 5-8mg/kg/day q24hours after loading dose. No dilution necessary. example: 1kg patient = 20mg loading dose ordered = 1ml ... maintenance dose ordered for 24 hours later 5mg/kg/dose = 0.25ml IV q 24hours. And general practice doesn't monitor caffeine levels anymore.
  15. 300g

    awkward Nicu Mom/nicu nurse

    I think it's great that you would like to work NICU after your experience. You will have a special advantage in relating to the parents of your patients. As NICU nurses, we understand the HBP, anxiety, and depression meds and stress that you go through with your child in our hands. I wouldn't worry about that aspect of it. However, I highly recommend that you don't work as a RN in the same unit that your daughter was in. To be quite honest, you may learn things about the unit that you really don't want to/shouldn't know. That's just MHO but I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors!
  16. 300g

    FL RN Salaries....yes another salary thread lol

    I'm sorry to say you will be disappointed by the pay here in Tampa. I moved here from Texas and took a $22K/year pay cut to work at one of the largest hospital in Florida. ouch. All of my experience is NICU LIII. I fear what non-acute/specialized RNs make. $32/hr is probably reachable, but I'm not there yet. Good luck!