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Didn't get senior practicum in NICU

  1. 0 I didn't get my senior practicum in NICU. I was placed in pediatric medsurg despite showing extreme interest in NICU throughout school. Will I still be able to be hired or get a residency in NICU? I feel like my school has just shut me out of jobs and crushed a dream I've had forever.
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    I didn't either, I was on adult med surg (and thought I'd die). I'm still a NICU nurse and it was my first job out of school. Where I live, Dallas, it's more about who you know. Give a reference and you're more likely to get interviewed.
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    I didn't even get an ICU opportunity in nursing school, but do ICU now. Just hang in there! Once you get your license, you can try for a NICU position. Even though you aren't particularly interested in the internship you are assigned to, if you do well, it may lead to a job or at least a reference.
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    Your experience is what you make of it. NICU wasn't even on my radar when I did my practicum in L&D, and I didn't even think of applying there when I got hired into my first job (OB). It was after working for 2 years that I decided to make the jump to NICU. Make yourself look marketable when you apply for jobs. Show up eager to practicum and make a good impression so that you build your references.

    As an aside, many of my coworkers have backgrounds in Med/Surg. You'll be fine.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I am applying to nurse residencies in Texas (all over, though I am from Houston). Fortunately I do have some medical contacts in Houston to use as well as several references from clinical professors. I will do my best in my senior practicum and hope that I can get a reference from my nurse.
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    Your senior practicum/preceptorship doesn't make or break your career. Don't sweat it, just learn all that you can from wherever you are assigned to.
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    I didnt get the NICU either, I got put in the Education Department and LOVED IT!!!! Now Im going back to school for my Masters in Education. Keep an open mind. I had a clinical on a Cardiac Peds Unit and I had farely new babies as patients less than 6 months. They are still just as cute and cuddly believe me, lol. Keep an open mind you may like it!