co-bedding revisited

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    Hi there! premenrs asked me to post this on the board for you all! Here's the message she sent with the picture:

    These are the first babies we co-bedded. Their mom and dad are very proud of them and brought this picture in to show us how they STILL co-bed. Apparently, this is their favorite position!

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    Thanks< Heather!!!
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    No problem premenrs!

    Actually, this is how my hubby usually ends up sleeping all the time, only it's not nearly as cute!

    :chuckle Heather
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    LOL!!!:chuckle That is cute!!
    I had a triplet mom tell me the other day when she brought the second baby home, she put them in the same crib and they immediately curled up together! She forgot to take a picture.
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    Oh how cute! Makes me want to hold one...well in each arm! :chuckle Thanks for sharing them with us prmenrs...and thanks for posting it for us Heather. :kiss
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    How sad, our unit doesn't allow co-bedding. Seems like great fun. Good for the babies too, I imagine. The closest we get is beds side-by-side so the parents can hold at the same time.
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    I've got a great picture in my retirement scrapebook of 3 little butts lined up--A and B were marked on the diapers, but C was blank. Maybe I can get someone to scan it in for me.

    Thus far the worst we've had for sharing germs has been conjunctivitis. We separated, put them both on eye ointment, and re-co-bedded after about a week.
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    They are so adorable,,,,,,,,,, think co bedding is only way to go,,,, lmao heather,,,,, same with hubby here,,,, and still not as cute,,,,!!!!!! ~Moon~
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    I think my unit is against it because of the sharing germs thing. Then again, we allow parents to hold both babies at the same time and wouldn't that share just as many germs?

    I sometimes but babies together when I changing one twin's bedding, but that's the closest I get.
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    That is soooooooo cute!

    Thanks Heather!

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