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Are there PAs in the NICU?

  1. 0 Hi all,

    Just wondering if there is such a thing as a PA that works in the NICU???

    If so what are they allowed to do, are they at the same level as an NNP?

    THanks for any info

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    We had one and she's gone. She was same level as NNP but worked with the less critical patients. Our NNPs cover for the super sick ones at night.
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    We don't use them, only NNP's.
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    We have PA's. They work on the same team as the NNP's under the same attending and have the same scope of practice (at least I haven't noticed any difference between having an NNP baby or a PA baby)
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    thank you all for the replies..

    BTW Bittybabygrower... I love your profile guy with the tougue!
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    We have 2 PAs here where I work. They take the same patients as we NNPs do. They are hired under Medicine though, and we are hired under nursing.
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    I havent' actually counted, but I'm pretty sure that my unit has more PA's than NNP's.
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    We do not, nor do the other hospitals in our area that I know of. I'm sure that they could be equally effective in their jobs with experience, but I think such a specialized area lends itself to NNPs because NNPs are required to have bedside experience before going to school and their education focuses just on this specialty. PAs might have minimal experience or education specific to neonatal. It would probably take more time/money to train a PA. That said, if you take a fresh NNP and a fresh PA right now, there are probably big differences, but five years down the road I'm sure they would be equally good at what they do.
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    yup--although they are salary-based instead of per hour based, eep!