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Welcome, New York Nurses!

  1. 2 Just want to say "Hello" from one New York nurse to another!

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    And a hearty hello back to you, Ted

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    hows it going!
    Its just schnazzy over here

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    Hi Christi. . . Hi Barb!

    "I Love New York. . . . "

    Just singing that New York jingle to my self!


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    Greetings from the FingerLakes region. I'm looking foward to many thought provoking discussions.
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    Absitively Furst.........

    Bring a nice bottle of white wine from the finger lakes and we will have a fantabulous discussion!!
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    Hello everyone,
    Just wanna say hi from Brooklyn NY.
    I look forward to your great advise you can offer a new nursing student.
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    Hi all of you New York nurses. I was born in Stamford, NY in 1943, and lived in White Sulphur Springs, Liberty, and Neversink all in Sullivan County, and after I got married, I lived in Wurtsboro, and Fair Oaks in Orange. Both counties are in the Lower Hudson Valley. I then moved to Pennsylvania in 1996 where I became a second-career LPN.
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    Hi Furst, I live in Fl. now but I used to live in Canandaigua and worked as a NA at Thompson Hospital many, many years ago. I left there and moved to Geneva and got my LPN befor moving to Fl. Is the hospital and school still there? Janice
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    I take it you attended MSW @ GGH. I attended there also and I'm also an employee of the system. Yes, both are still up and running; and quite proficiently from what I hear. Marion has the biggest class size in years- 30 students and had to create a waiting list. Feel free to pm me.
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    <I lived in Wurtsboro, >

    And didnt you just love the Emporium??? I vacation in Wurtsboro but never knew anyone else who ever heard of the place. Except Jerry Seinfeld who mentioned it in one epsiode.
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    Yes I liked the Emporium a lot. In fact, I was a new mom then, and I'd push my baby daughter down the streets on a daily basis, because it was such a nice place, and it gave me some exercise and some fresh air.
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    I love the Emporium....I especially love to shop there around the holiday season...it just really puts me in the mood and drives of the Bah! Humbugs!! How very cool that I have run into folks that used to live in the area. If anyone is coming up this way, I'd love to meet for coffee if anyone is interested that is