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    Hello everyone, My name is Jasmin and I happily finished my first semester of nursing school. I really didnt think it was going to be so hard but I made it!! Im on to my second semester and i wanted to know how i would go about finding an internship for this summer. I was told by upperclassmen in my school to start looking for internships for this summer now in january but Im not having any luck. Im from manhattan. Can anyone give me any tips?

    Thank you in advance,

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    I know that there are a few hospitals in Manhattan that offer internships. You might try contacting the Nursing Recruiters for several facilities and let them know that you are interested in applying for an internship and could they provide you with the information fo rthe application process. I believe, just to get you started, but do not hold me to it, that Mount Sinai Medical Center and NYU Medical Center have internship programs. Good luck in your quest and let us know how you make out.
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    NYU and LIJ are currently offering internship for the summer.
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    lij and NYU currently have internship programs
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    Hi all nyc nurses and nursing students. I am in the 2nd year of nursing school. I am looking for an extership during this summer. Please let me know if anyone has any informations about it. Thank You!! Nice to see all of you here.
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    Quote from RN2BNYC
    Hello everyone,
    Just wanna say hi from Brooklyn NY.
    I look forward to your great advise you can offer a new nursing student.

    Nudge!!!!!!! me too...Are you Accepted yet?I am in Brooklyn also i just requested my application from CUNy for Fall 2007 i have not even got a reply yet steupessssssss some how or the other i feel i am way behind ...Do you know what are the requirements and how long Would it take me to recieve the application via the mail .......help me
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    NIce to know there's tons of you out there... I'm from our lovely central snow filled region!! Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!!!!!
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    Quote from ultra9499
    Hi everyone!:spin:

    Does anyone have any information or experience with WHITEGLOVE CARE, STAFFING REMEDIES or UNITED/INTERNATIONAL STAFFING REGISTRY?

    I'm an RN from the Philippines planning on relocating to NY. Any suggestions on good agencies/hospitals in NY that sponsor foreign nurses?

    Hello! Why don't you try the Visiting Nurse Service of new York? It's one of the largest home health agencies in America and they have recently sponsored PT's from the Philippines. Check out their website and inquire. Goodluck!
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    Quote from keira
    Do you have any idea about NY Nclex application? Do you have to pass the local board exam first or you have to be be licensed NUrse here in the philippines first before you can apply for NEWYORk NCLEX? pls? i badly need your advice?

    or can I endorse later to New York or California if i'll choose New mexico as my initial licensure? How long would it take for me to endorse to other state if my initial licensure is in New Mexico? thanks!

    Hi keira. from what I know, if you're not an immigrant of US, you have to take the Local boards from PI then apply for NCLEX in NY. The NY board of nursing does not require NCLEX. However, NY requires CGFNS evaluation for NY which is $275 and takes 2-5 months to process. Then when CGFNS has verified your credentials, the NYS board would review those which takes about less than a month. Are you still in the PI? I suggest that you take the NCLEX there or in Hongkong so that you could just worry about the endorsement in US. About the NY to CA endorsement of license, it's easy because CA does not require CGFNS and the process takes about 3 months with a little of following-up. Good luck!
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    any advice about hospitals in the manhattan area for icu (any, but right now neurosurgical) from chicago, moving to be with spouse (for better or for worse...yaknow).
    been to nyc several times as a tourist around manhattan, mostly times sq, no idea about living in nyc and working as an RN.
    help please?

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