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Hello everyone! I applied to Stony Brook's Basic (2-year) BSN program 3 weeks a go and thought it may be helpful to start up a forum. If you are: currently applying or plan on... Read More

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    Well I'm not "SO" sure just saying it's marks the the 11th on Friday so that's pretty much mid-may..just being positive, given the rlly frustrating circumatances
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    I just hope they let notification out next week, I need some peace of mind that its actually happening and things are moving along
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    I agree, i'm dying over here
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    this is annoying
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    If I don't hear by May 14, I will sent in my deposit to the College of New Rochelle. I can't wait this long.
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    I know it is a little rediculis
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    Its really unfair because sbu taking forever is forcing people to put down deposits in other places which could hurt other people from getting accepted
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    I really hope this week is the week .... its an insane wait
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    Yea well I put down a Suffolk deposit and if I get into sbu I'm obviously going to not go to suffolk I just feel bad bc the seat I'm holding could potentially be a seat of someone who rlly wants to get into the program
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    BioD, don't feel too bad about it, I had to do something similar last year and as soon as I received and invitation to SBU, I called Suffolk. It took about a half hour before I got to log on to allnurses and someone was already saying they had just gotten a call from Suffolk and they were in. The programs want to start off full, the spot will not go to waste, it will just make someone's day/month/year a little further down the road. Also, it is beyond your control so you are doing what you have to do, as anyone in your shoes would! Good luck, can't believe how long you folks are having to go through this waiting game...
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    Thanks buckeroo!!! I just want to know already !
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    Me too!
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    So I sent in my deposit ($400) to the college of new rochelle today. Yes, it is non-refundable LOL.... I probably won't go to stony brook if i get accepted. Lets see what happens.