1. I really want to know what CUNY school you attended and what was your GPA in the pre clinical coarses.
    ENG 101
    BIO 425
    MAT 104
    PSY 100

    how long did it take to get accepted .
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  3. by   girls1
    Quote from FutureRNelizabeth
    I really want to know what CUNY school you attended and what was your GPA in the pre clinical coarses.
    ENG 101
    BIO 425
    MAT 104
    PSY 100

    how long did it take to get accepted .
    Bronx community college
    Eng b+
    Bio a
    (no math req) pharm b+
    psy a
    overall gpa was 3.7 I entered nursing in my 3 rd semester.
  4. by   Natingale
    Its more than one factor ..some people beat out 3.8's with their 3.3's simply because of the curriculum credits they have under their belt. Some colleges look at your whole package. It all depends, what works for one person will not necessarily work for another. A high GPA helps, dont get me wrong. But if you have a so so GPA, but a great essay, references,NLN score I dont see why you cant get in.

    3.46 got into 4/5 nursing schools.
  5. by   mb1949
    Bronx community college GPA 3.7 when I came into program, going into my third semester of clinicals in August. believe me the gpa drops every semester
  6. by   FutureRNelizabeth
    Thanks for all the replys. Another Question.. Has anyone done the LPN program with cuny? if so whats the GPA TO ENTER.
  7. by   girls1
    The gpa requirement is probably similar to the rn program's requirements. I have not done an LPN program but they are about 18 months long, including a summer session. They are very intense. They accept about 40 students each September. There were 2 in my graduating class...
  8. by   mb1949
    Aah the lpn program at bcc is very competitive, and super intense, I don't know the gpa but I am sure it is very similiar to the one for the RN program
  9. by   phabuious
    I had a 4.0 in those classes. I turned them down and went to Beth Israel because I didn't like the lottery system they used for registering for morning vs. afternoon classes. I would have been class of December 2006. The semester I got in they took 2 3.7s and the rest were above that.
  10. by   mb1949
    How was/is Beth Israel, I go to BCC and almost went to Beth Israel, but I am a single mother and BCC was much more in my financial category, I know the bs you need to put up with has driven more than half my class away. But i am almost finished so I might as well finish it out now.
  11. by   phabuious
    I really liked BI - I think there's the same drama in all nursing schools - I am finishing my BSN at NYU and they complain there about the same things we complained about when I was doing my clinicals. I really ended up liking it though, it was really personal, and the instructors were phenomenal, some of the best nurses I've ever met (and I grew up around nurses). Totally worth the money.
  12. by   nycNurse2b
    HI Elizabeth -

    I had all A's in those courses (therefore a 4.0) and was accepted at BMCC. If that is a school you are considering I would strongly advise getting your 4 A's. They start at 4.0 and go down. Many times all the slots are filled by the time they get to 3.9 & 3.8.

    I am a BMCC grad so I would be happy to help if I can. Good luck!
  13. by   NY-RN_Kay
    City Tech..
    Going into 2nd semester of clinical
    Before I entered my GPA was a 3.8
    Now it's a 3.7 =) Still very good
  14. by   piel_canela26
    city tech average 3.4 NLN 117 got lucky most ppl dont get in with a 3.4 average in this school.