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Recently Hired at HHC advice needed

  1. 0 Hi I posted before in a different thread but i didn't get any responses so I'm trying again

    I was recently hired at harlem hospital HHC and I start in a week I just would like to get any advice on what i should be doing to prepare myself... Im a new grad and i haven't a clue. The position is in the L&D department for nights 7pm -7am any advice from anyone or any one currently working at HHC facility would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thank You So Much

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    Wow didn't know HHC was hiring, I have no advice but just want to say congratulations and good luck
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    do you have a BSN?
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    thank you!!! mb1949

    sk57 no I dont
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    Visit your local bookstore and read up on the functions/duties/expectations of an L&D nurse. That's your first step. There are tons of books out there on it.
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    thank you!!! alem-tsahai ill be at B&N tomm morning!!!
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    congrats and good luck! how did you apply if you don't mind me asking...
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    sorry about the double post. I just saw your response on the other thread. did you follow up after you put in the paper application or did they just call you?
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    Thank You

    I put in a paper app and i received a call about a month later for an interview, no i didnt call to follow up before that
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    Forgot to add- Good luck and congrats! You are the envy of your class I'm sure. L&D positions are hard to find, even with experienced nurses. Harlem Hospital sounds like a great start to your nursing career, imo.
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    Thank you so much!! im so grateful for this position many of my classmates are having a really hard time finding jobs!!
    I'm def going to ask lots of questions and find someone to attach my self too that can help me along Im so excited bc i wanted l&d so im happy happy
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    congratulations!!.. you must be gifted lol
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    hi @ TREC96 I recently got hired at Harlem Hospital. I was told by the nurse recruiter i would get a call from HR. I wanted to basically know what the next steps are when HR calls you so i can be prepared. lol.. I would appreciate any info thanks