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by LauraFutureNP

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Hello, I just wanted to know if anyone has gotten their acceptance letter for the Fall 2012 CDP program at pace. Thank you... Read More

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    Ok TheNicole, thanks. I might have to drive: it's about one hr drive from my place and 2+ hrs with public tramsportation.
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    you're coming all the way from CA?!?

    that's nuts, but awesome.

    I live in New jjersey, not trying to commute though, i def. want to find an apartment or housing close to pleasantville campus so i can focus on school and not worry about commuting and everything like that.
    its going to be rough with money..

    I hope i get an e-mail from them soon that I can confirm my spot and everything..
    so nervous but so excited
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    hello again,

    i just got my acceptance package in the mail for spring, odd because i Applied for the bsn 1 year program, but my letter says my acceptance is for the two year program, which i really didnt want to do... did anyone else run into this problem??

    i am going to call on tuesday to see what it's about.

    anyone else starting the 2 year program in spring at pleasantville??
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    Is anyone else still listed as incomplete? I applied for the Spring Cohort in Pleasantville. I am concerned because the deadline was Saturday and I am still listed as incomplete. I am hoping that with the influx of paperwork maybe they just haven't recorded one of my letters of rec and my undergrad transcript. My grad transcript and the other letter are there (recorded several days ago on the status) , and they were all sent out at that same time over a week ago. WEIRD! I sent an email to confirm that I will still be considered, but now I am waiting on pins and needles. LOL.

    Good luck everyone!
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    Ginamarie119- I ran into the sampe problem. My status says "processed" but all of my documents are not in as of yet. I spoke with them last week because I was getting concerned and they said as long as I had the application in before the deadline and all the supporting documents are dated before then I would be fine. They also said they were "experiencing a higher than normal influx of applications" so it would take longer to update the system. I sent a copy of the unofficial transcripts on friday. They said they would accept that until they receive the hard copies. I was annoying them so bad but I was concerned, I want in for the spring! lol So they said they would have decisions by the end of September.. so good luck!
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    Hey muffin1120,

    I just received my acceptance package too for Spring `13, and I have the same exact problem. Did you end up calling Pace to see what happened? What did they say (if you don't mind sharing/PM-ing me)?
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    Yeah, i e-mailed the admissions counselor and he fixed it and sent me a new letter wlecoming me to the one year program.

    PS. we started continuing the convo in the absn spring 2013 cohort

    join us!
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    Hey Muffin did you say that you were accepted into the Spring 2013 program at Pleasantville
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    Yup!! starting in january
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    Quote from muffin1120
    Yup!! starting in january
    Ok cool... And congratulations I am still waiting on my decision. They were waiting on my A&P II grade which they received but, is skeptical as to spacing for 2013? Cause some people that didn't make it into the 2012 got rolled over to 2013.