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  1. NYIT Nursing graduates, anyone?

    Hey, glad I found someone that will start the same time as me. Do you have a facebook or email we can stay in contact. also, what are the course that you registered for?
  2. NYIT BSN Spring 2017

    What's the link to the college forum?
  3. NYIT BSN Spring 2017

    Hello, recently got accepted into the nursing program at NYIT for spring semester. I'm looking of people that are accepted to start in spring 2017 or fall 2017 and also prospective student to get insight form. I was told to register for 1 class for t...
  4. NYIT Fall 2016 Nursing Program

    Just got my acceptance letter for spring 2017 and can't find any info from current student about the program. Hope to get a few scholarships
  5. NYIT Nursing graduates, anyone?

    Just got my acceptance letter from NYIT nursing program for spring semester. Beeen looking for info on the program as well but not so much out there.
  6. Nyu absn spring 2017

    How do you check on Albert cause I was sent an email to check if I got accepted or not but went to albert didn't find any letter
  7. Nyu absn spring 2017

    So far no decision yet and no email. Not sure what to do now cause still waiting for Adelphi and NYIT to get a decision from. NYU need to do better with their decisions dates because it's December and most of us are still waiting on them so that we c...
  8. Nyu absn spring 2017

    I received both flyer and email but still waiting for the most important thing which is the decision email. This is wait is killing me softly
  9. Nyu absn spring 2017

    Congratulations to everyone that got accepted...did they send you the decision through your personal mail or the nyu website?
  10. Nyu absn spring 2017

    Hello all, Anyone head anything yet from admission. Tired of this wait, making me feel unstable. Anyhow, anyone attending the info session today?
  11. Nyu absn spring 2017

    Hello all, I'm glad that I came across this forum. I submitted my application end of September for the fall semester and received an email from admission stating that I fill out the wrong application because I did my application through common app in...
  12. NYU Spring 2016

    HI, is this for accelerated program or the regular 2 year track?
  13. Adelphi Nursing Program Spring 2015 (not Path)

    Hi, I justr applied for the part time program in Manattha campus. Will love some insight on the program
  14. MS Midwifery at Suny Downstate

    I meant to say the 18th not 19
  15. MS Midwifery at Suny Downstate

    I dont as well...Wish I knew at least a bit of what to expect