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Hello everyone! I have submitted my application and my transcripts to NYU for the ABSN program beginning in fall 2013! I am very excited but surprised that we will be hearing so late about an... Read More

  1. by   kdacayo
    Quote from LBradley
    Yes I got in! I had a 3.057 lol.
    Omg! Please elaborate on your stats and all of that! Totally losing hope :'\ lol
  2. by   kdacayo
    Quote from Hana123
    I got rejected with 3.8 GPA that's insane my friend also got in last semester with 3.1 GPA this is insane good luck to all wish u all the best of luck who did get accepted
    So sorry to hear that =( did you change anything second time around when reapplying?
  3. by   Hana123
    Yes I changed my letter I gave them excellent recommendation letters but u know what I am not upset let it be bec I got accepted to Adelphi it's not the end of the world for ppl who have lower gpas got in but ppl who have a better GPA got rejected I guess it's luck and kdacayo don't lose hope it's all for the best no matter what it is
  4. by   graduate13
    I was rejected this week as well. I applied in Feb., graduated with a 3.5 cum gpa and 3.8 pre-req gpa. I had a nursing internship at memorial sloan-kettering last summer as well as other experience in hospitals. I also studied health and community development abroad in Kenya and worked in local hospitals and clinics. Best of luck and congrats to all accepted!
  5. by   justme2018
    This information is for future students and whom it may concern

    I got my financial aid letter

    The cost of attendance for tuition only is about $22,000 of which they gave me a $2,500 Scholarship and estimated TAP to be about $2,000 a semester.......loans/work study will be $8,950 which we have to pay back someday....work study is $3,000.....so basically what you will have to pay now/later is $17,400 a semester....I Dont know if they give aid For summer.....so total cost for 4 Semesters minus the scholarship/grant amount is $70,000......

    I hope this helps some of you....
  6. by   Hana123
    Anyone here have taken teas exam if so pls share ur experience and study guides pls
  7. by   realdream
    I am still waiting too.. applied for fall 2013.. wish everyone luck! I don't think you have to take teas though..
  8. by   Hana123
    Not for Nyu but for other schools u do
  9. by   JWilkens
    Hello! I know this is the Fall 2013 board, but I didn't see an active general NYU ABSN board so I'm posting my question here. Feel free to re-direct me if there's a more appropriate place to ask it.

    I'm originally from NYC, moved to FL last summer for med school, but during the first semester decided I had reached an age where I wasn't so accepting of the sacrifices that would lie ahead for many years. Withdrew & applied for ABSN programs. Decided to to start Cal States 2yr program in August. In the meantime, I started having rheumatoid problems and came back from FL to NYC to be treated. I'm now very comfortable with my NYU doctors, and find it helpful having the support of family. I just found out that NYU offers spring admission into the ABSN program and that I had plenty of time to apply. Too much time actually, since I would be taking a risk by not starting Cal State because I wouldn't know about NYU until (per the CON) mid-November. My pre-reqs are complete with around a 3.9 GPA, I have extensive volunteer and clinical research experience with a few publications. I'm wondering two things... 1) How confident could I feel if I decided to take the risk and wait on NYU? and 2) I could live rent-free and comfortably with my parents on Long Island and it's about a 45 min LIRR ride into Penn Station. For those in the program, do you think commuting is doable?

    Thanks for any feedback! And best of luck to those waiting on acceptances for the fall!